Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Design Classy Top Grommet 2 Panel Window Curtain

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Decorating your house can be quite a fun and exciting activity. There are different things that you can play around with, like the color, theme, furniture, and many other things. But no matter how exquisite the furnishings are, your decor won’t be complete without the curtains. Curtains and draperies add character to a room or a house’s interior.

Aside from making the place more pleasing to look at, it also serves as protection from sunlight, insulation during cold weather, and even as a muffler that minimizes the noise from the outside. There are a lot of styles and ways to decorate curtains. Checking product review sites can definitely help you pick one with an excellent quality.

Speaking of product review sites, the Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Design Window Curtain is one of the most talked-about items in the curtain and draperies category.

Many people find its subtle, yet sophisticated, pattern appealing to the eyes. It adds character to any classy theme style interior arrangement, and it comes in more than 10 beautiful color options and it is available at a very reasonable price.

Key features

The Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Design Classy Top Grommet 2 Panel Window Curtain has only been out on the market for a little over a year, but it has already created a name in the contemporary curtain style category. Here’s a list of features that will justify the excellent feedback that customers have been posting for this item online.

  • High quality fabric made of 65% polyester/35% cotton
  • Elegant design for bedroom and living room
  • Set of 2 panels measuring 38”x 84” for large windows
  • Easy installation for the grommets
  • Fabric is easy to wash and clean


People are choosing the Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Design Classy Top Grommet 2 Panel Window Curtain over other products mainly because of its sophisticated and tasteful design. The pattern on this curtain works for people who want something with more character than just a plain-colored curtain, but not too ostentatious that it draws in all the attention in the room.

It hangs from the top of a standard size window down to the floor. The fabric is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It has a very nice feel to it and the texture of the cloth makes it really easy to wash and clean. There are more than 10 colors to choose from which you can pick according to your own personality and style.


The curtain has an exquisite design and trellis markings, but it is not a blackout curtain. It doesn’t block the sunlight or the noise from outside the house. It also isn’t thick enough to serve as insulation during the colder seasons. It is more for decoration than function.


This product is an excellent panel curtain to use during the summer. It has a classy and sophisticated design that will go perfectly with almost any classy theme interior. The fabric is of an excellent quality, although it is not as thick and heavy as blackout curtains.

It may not block the light or keep your home insulated but you can always place it over a blackout curtain. It will complement any plain color in the background and will add character to your room’s décor. It comes at a very reasonable price and there are lots of available color options. All things considered, buying this curtain is a pretty good investment.


The Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Design Curtain is not a blackout curtain like the Deconovo Solid Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains but it does add aesthetic value to the room. But if you are looking for something that can block light and keep the room warm even during the winter, you should definitely pick the latter.