Lush Decor Leah Window Curtain Panel

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Nothing spells femininity more like floral prints and light hues. If you seek a touch of femme in your home, or if you want a pleasant surprise for the missus, this Lush Decor Leah Window Curtain Panel is the perfect choice. It combines light and warm yellow with a cool and plastered grey for an easy and breezy feel to a home while making it cosier.


  • Imported, 100% polyester
  • Includes 2 Panels of 84″H x 52″W each
  • Grommet panel
  • Easy to install and easy to clean

The Lush Decor Leah Window Curtain Panel is probably a good step outside of the box if you’re new with exploring prints for your drapes to decorate your interior. If you are the standard mono-colour curtain type of curtain who is a bit hesitant or fearful of bold and loud prints on your curtains, you might find yourself surprisingly pleased with the Lush Decor Leah Window Curtain Panel. Its prints are a breezy and cosy pair to bring good balance to your home.

It is made of 100% polyester, which is very durable material that can last many years. It is so durable that it does not easily fade with sunlight exposure, guaranteeing you that the bold and pretty prints will stay on and will maintain their quality as the time passes. It is also quite stretchable so you can expect that it does not really tear easily. So, having little kids around to tug on your new curtains will be the least of your worries.

The synthetic material is also 100% recyclable, so that would be less of guilt since your curtains are pretty much environment friendly for as long as they are treated and recycled correctly. Its height of 84 inches, coupled with a total width of 104 inches for a pair of panels makes it perfect to elegantly drape down French doors or long windows. This also gives you a lot of room and allowance to adjust the curtain’s positioning against your window in the way you specifically want to.

The Lush Decor Leah Window Curtain Panel also comes with grommet panels that are widely popular these days. The grommets are big reinforced holes on your curtains where curtain rods can easily pass through, thus, making it a breeze to install them. Grommets are stylish too –for one, because their material is often similar to the curtain rod or compliments the curtain rods, and another, because they make the panels fold in a uniform manner, making them more symmetrical and appear more orderly without much effort.

The grommets make the panels move about easily since they slide through the rods effortlessly. This makes opening up your drapes to catch some morning light less of a task, and more of a pleasant and satisfying experience since tie backs will basically no longer be needed, unless to hold the curtains in place if you do decide to open the windows and let the wind in.

Also, since they are easy to install, expect that they are also easy to remove. On top of that, they are very easy to maintain too. Just machine wash as needed in warm water. Just make sure to place them in a mesh bag to protect the material in gentle cycle and cold water, and then hang them to dry –that’s it! No need to use any form of heat or electricity to dry them out. Also, there is no need to iron them since the polyester material does not wrinkle easily. Caring for your curtains has never been this easy!


Out of the seventy five reviews received by this product, all of them rated it as 4 to 5 stars. Now, that speaks of a great quality product or its value.

Most of the reviews particularly raved over the aesthetic value of the design. After all, a great balance of the yellows and greys, coupled with a dainty and beautiful design is worth every penny on its price tag to complement a room or to give it a good floral pop without being too overbearing. One buyer commented that the silky material of the Lush Decor Leah Window Curtain Panel made it seem like she got more than she paid for.

Not to be underestimated as a mere decorative, the Lush Decor Leah Window Curtain Panel also has some light-blocking power as testified by some previous users. It can block out some decent amount of light, preventing harsh rays from entering whilst not entirely darkening the whole room.

Overall, the Lush Decor Leah Window Curtain Panel is a great find with little to no bad reviews. Just make sure to check your product as soon as it arrives in your doorstep.