10 Bad Habits That Are Not Becoming of a Woman

The attractiveness of a woman does not reside only in an external shine, but also a manner of behavior, speech and a multitude of minute details. Even the most beautiful and well-groomed woman can make a bad impression if she has a number of not very good habits. Let’s look at 10 of them. So, what is not becoming of a woman?

1. The habit of instructing.

Women come to this world with an innate need to take care of someone. And, often, in adulthood, they do it completely automatically. It’s a common situation – a friend shares their problems with the woman, and she immediately begins to give advice, teach, instruct. Having absolutely good intentions and realizing her need to care, the woman herself does not notice how she starts to push people away and even irritates some. Therefore, the habit of exhibiting the inner “mommy” does not add to attractiveness.

2. Talkativeness.

Many seem to like carefree little girls who talk endlessly and do not let anyone else speak. But this is somewhat ok only for a very young girl, who relies on her immaturity and lack of experience. If such a habit is observed in a mature woman, few will be pleased to be with such an interlocutor. Excessive talkativeness can cause social isolation, because few people are interested in spending time listening to someone’s unceasing monologues.

3. Excessive accuracy.

Many of us suffer from this. As a child, you could often hear: “You’re a girl, do not get dirty,” or other statements like that. It is that programming, which was instilled in our most sensitive period, that our brain uses to build a model of behavior in adulthood. But excessive accuracy and the desire for perfect cleanliness are habits that can turn a cute creature into a domestic tyrant that is ready to kill anyone for an unwashed plate or a pair of abandoned socks. Therefore, men subconsciously avoid such women – triggered by the instinct of self-preservation.

4. Excessive candor.

Everyone knows that there should be a certain degree of mystery in every woman. But, often, you can meet women that begin to throw out all the details about their sores, difficult situations in their relationships or intrigues at work with complete strangers. This behavior scares people off and causes them to refrain from communicating with an overly frank person.

5. The habit of criticizing.

To be completely honest, none of us like criticism, even if it’s fair. Therefore, women who have a habit of criticizing everyone and everything that surrounds them do not add to their attraction, but, on the contrary, make themselves repugnant. Criticism emanating from the lips of a woman reveals her shortcomings and makes her more expressive. Therefore, it is better to learn to be silent, even if someone does something very bad. If something does not concern us or our opinion is not requested, it is better not to dive into criticism.

6. The habit of refusing compliments.

As a rule, this is how women with low self-esteem act. Instead of thanking their partner for the compliment, they begin to give a thousand arguments to refute it. For example, when you hear “You look very special today,” they begin to say that this is just a new shade of lipstick. This habit not only does not help their attractiveness, but what’s more, it kills the desire to give compliments.

7. The habit of breaking promises.

Those women who always change their mind suffer from problems in their relationships. For some reason, many women believe that punctuality and loyalty is for men, and everyone should wait for the lady, and condescendingly forgive her if she forgot to fulfill her promise or simply changed her mind. In fact, it spoils the impression of a lady.

8. The habit of exaggerating.

When women make a mountain out of a molehill, it doesn’t look only comical. The tendency to exaggerate everything does not attract, but repels. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of this habit quickly to avoid relationship problems.

9. The habit of arguing.

Femininity is manifested in softness, the ability to meet halfway, without losing one’s own dignity. The female habit of arguing disfigures all women. The ability to be silent and retreat at the right time is a sign of a woman’s strength, inner beauty and attractiveness.

10. The habit of moping and being sad.

In the 18th and 19thcenturies, aristocratic paleness, sadness in the eyes and a seal of eternal anguish on the face were signs of female attractiveness, charm and refinement. Fortunately, the ideals of beauty are changing. Today, dull, capricious and ever-dissatisfied women only call for pity and a desire to escape as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is better to replace this habit with an optimistic outlook on life and smile!