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There is no debate that fluids, especially water, are an important part of a diet, and it is important to realize what goes into the substances you frequently drink. It is easy for manufacturers to sneak in chemicals and ingredients that we might not otherwise want to consume.
Fruit juicing and smoothies have increased in popularity, and a never-ending stream of recipes are posted on social media and other sites. This is for good reason. Sometimes it can be difficult to consume all the required servings of fruits and vegetables in a day, and juices and smoothies solve this problem. They are a kid-friendly method of serving sometimes unpopular vegetables with sweet fruits. The extra vitamins consumed can help with focus, energy, and physical health.
While there are many benefits, you need to watch the sugar content in these drinks because too much sugar can cause long-term health problems. In store-bought products, there are a number of other unhealthy ingredients like artificial sweeteners. For instance, while tea and coffee do have health benefits, it is important to limit intake of caffeine. Balance and moderation are key when it comes to choosing drinks for yourself and your family. While plain water is the ideal choice, there are benefits to adding other options which we will discuss in this blog.

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