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Recreational activities are closely related to sporting activities, but they do not have to involve competitive measures. For example, camping is a recreational activity and there is nothing competitive about it. These activities usually take place in natural settings, such as out on the water, climbing naturally set rock formations, and scaling the snow-covered slopes during the Winter season.

The outdoor nature of recreational activities often makes them best targeted for the adventurist type individual. It is a way to get in-touch with your surroundings and truly appreciate the natural settings, landforms, and areas that surround you on this earth. Often peaceful in nature, these activities are commonly used to relieve stress, blow out some steam, or to do a little spiritual self-reflection.

Some recreational activities can be done in a competitive nature. One of the most popular cross-overs is fishing. Some fish to put food on the table, while others fish in competitive tournaments. The same goes for surfing, snowboarding, kayaking, and other recreational activities.

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