Best Fire Starter

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There are a number of things that separate human beings from animals. Human beings have hot rods, electricity and most importantly fire. Human beings have the ability of controlling fire and this is something that separates them from the wild beasts in the jungle. If you happen to be a hiker, backpacker, camper or an enthusiast with this strong will of strolling the forest region more often then you might be aware of the importance of fire. Fire helps you in the forest by saving you from the attacks of wild animals and in fighting off other elements. For a camping trip in the future, you must be aware of the fact that you will need fire and in such circumstances you will definitely require a good quality fire starter. Some of the best fire starters available these days have been illustrated below:

Best Fire StarterExotac NanoStriker XL

You will generally find ferrocerium rods if you look out for a Best Fire Starter but this NanoStriker XL fire starter from Exotac is very different from other fire starters. The very first thing that is noteworthy about this fire starter is that its rod is not ferrocerium. Instead it is a blend of magnesium and ferrocerium avoiding the fire starter from throwing small sparks. The fire starter normally throws fireballs in medium scale in snow, rain and fog. The rod can also be scraped to get flakes onto the tinder which helps to ignite the magnesium. The rod easily slides into aluminum handle when the fire starter is not being used and this helps in protecting the tool.

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire Starter

This a fire starter which features a manly grip and it works even in the worst of conditions. This fire starter has a ferrocerium rod mounted on a very large handle making for easy striking and grip. Both the rod and the metal striker can be covered when the fire starter is not in use and this avoids any sort of corrosion. The handle of this product includes a water-resistant section for keeping tinder in case you are left stranded with almost nothing except wet wood. This will help you in catching the required spark. The fire starter comes in handy with a good quality lanyard that can be worn very easily and also features rescue whistle which can help in calling for required help. However, it is very important to remain very careful when making use of the striker because too much pressure can result in breakage or bend.

Strike Master K1

Strike Master K1 is a fire starter for outdated pyromaniacs who do not believe in space-age nonsense or high aluminum garbage which kids use during the festival called Burning Man. This fire starter makes use of steel and flint for making good quality sparks. The design of this device is classic and it is one of the best fire starters for creating a good spark very easily. Another noteworthy point about this fire starter is that it is very small and therefore it can easily be carried almost anywhere. It is also very simple to use and with a little bit of practice you will be able to create wonderful sparks within a very short span of time. One modern touch that you will find in this fire starter is the magnesium plate which can be scraped and used for creating hotter and brighter fire.

Rothco Aurora Firestarter 900

Rothco is of the view that Aurora 900 is a fire starter with amazing aerospace quality meaning it can be used for starting fires when in the orbit along the Earth. This is one claim that sounds very strange but ones you have a look of this fire starter, you will be able to understand the claims made by Rothco in the best way possible. The fire starter seems like something that an astronaut should have for the lonesome nights in an alien world. This fire starter features a knurled case made of aluminum with o-rings which make the user feel serious regarding the safety of using this fire starter. You will also find a built-in striking blade made of stainless steel which is quite durable. Every part of the Aurora 900 seems reassuring and solid and the device is clearly meant for no-nonsense living.