Essential Functions of Table Lamps

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The essential functions of table lamps are somewhat variable and dependent on individuals.

Table lamps regardless of your interests include:

  • providing more lighting in rooms with dimmer illumination,
  • shedding some light in a reading or writing environment,
  • providing light in informal setting like a side table or a coffee table.

Essentially table lamps are meant to provide lighting. As a matter of fact if you need extra lighting, why can’t you just install an extra wall or ceiling bulb? Because it will definitely provide strong lighting and even surpass your expectation; this fact clearly shows that table lamps have more than just their essential functions.

Symbolic Table Lamp Decorations

In most cases the essential functions of table lamps are not really what matters to people. People are always yearning to improve their homes, to add a classy look in their homes and amazingly to outshine or outdo a friend or neighbor. Before buying a table lamp one must consider a number of things that are unique and of importance to them. For example if you like things that are symbolic of the past, then you will go for one that bears such a resemblance to you.

Essential Functions of Table Lamps

How to Choose Table Lamps

  • One of the things that are considered when choosing table lamps is the material they are made of; there are ceramic table lamps, porcelain table lamps, chrome table lamps and many more. Ceramic tables may be a perfect choice for most of us because of its multipurpose characteristics; it not only adds that aesthetic appeal to your home but also provides lighting which is one of the essential functions of table lamps.
  • A white table lamp goes with any color or style, because of its color it adds some brightness to you room even without the lighting.
  • Basically bright colored lamps, white included, add a splash to your room despite their location and they create a focal point as well. One should be keener when it comes to colored lamps.
  • A colored lamp should be one that goes with the color of the furniture in your room, it should not clash because if it does so the lamp would have lost its cool and welcoming appeal and touch in the room.


Depending on the size of your room you can have several table lamps of different sizes and shapes. If you like a bit of clashing the lamps can be of different colors but not that clashing. For example one big pink lamp and several small one that are pink, but of a lighter shed. Because table lamps are more of accessories than lamps one should be keen and creative with them. They should not be too many such that they raise some question marks; they should just be the right number that suits your room. They should also be placed in the right place for example, bedrooms, living room, next to sofas ,staircases etc. They should be placed in such a place that apart from the aesthetic appeal that they offer they also have a more concrete function of providing some light, in that case table lamps are not appropriate for places like the kitchen!