How To Pick The Best Portable Barbecue Grill

How Do I Pick The Best Grill?

Undoubtedly, camping in the great outdoors will be incomplete without a portable barbecue grill on which to cook fruits and vegetables as well as meats and fishes for truly delicious, nourishing and filling meals. There is just something about al fresco grilling, eating and being alive.

It is no wonder then that many homes have their own portable BBQ grill for those days when being outdoors is best than being cooped up indoors. But before you go jumping at the first portable grill that you see, it pays to be a little bit more informed about your choices as well as the pros and cons that go with each one of them.

Types of Portable Grills

As can be expected in our modern world where we are the choices that we make, you have many types of portable barbecue grills to choose from. First, the conventional gas grill uses propane gas to cook the food. You can control the cooking speed through the heat by simply turning the control knob, which is most often located on the propane tank or canister. The grilled taste comes from the lava rock and wooden chips placed on top of the burner.

Second, the charcoal portable barbecue grill is the most traditional form in grills. As the name implies, charcoal is used to grill the food so that certain precautionary measures must be observed for your own safety. Said safety measures include not using too much lighter fluid, not throwing away live coals to the ground and not dumping ash on the soil, too.

Plus, there is also the matter of ensuring that your food does not pick up the smell and taste of the lighter fluid. Other than these precautionary measures, the charcoal grill is arguably the best type when it comes to that smoky flavor on barbecues.

Third, the latest in the line of grills is the relatively high-tech infrared-powered grill. Basically, you light up the grill with an electronic button, fire is made as fed by a propane gas tank and infrared heat is produced by the ceramic tile. The main advantage of an infrared grill is that it can reach higher temperatures, thus, making for great rare steaks. But its lack of control over the heat produced is one big disadvantage.

Tips on Choosing

Ultimately, your choice in a portable barbecue grill will boil down to frequency of use, type of use and cost. If you use the grill as many times as possible in a week for purposes of healthy cooking, then we suggest going for the stainless steel types with durable construction.

If the grill will only be used at home instead of being lugged around in camping trips, then a bigger and heavier grill is just the thing for you. After all, it will stay in one place so it can be as heavy as you want. And of course, do look at your budget. You will be able to find a portable grill that fits just right into your budget and still offer the right kind of features for your needs.

Indeed, the portable barbecue grill should be one of your first purchases for your garden or patio. It is an investment that will pay for itself many times over through great foods and great company in al fresco setting.