Acai Berry: Many Benefits to Health

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Cancer Cures, Diabetes, Weight Loss, Heart Health and More

Oprah and Dr. Oz endorse this berry. Who could be more trustworthy? 

This Brazilian fruit has many health benefits—most of all, safe weight loss. Acai is chock full of anti-oxidants which is a massive plus by itself. Anti-oxidants are believed to have anti-aging properties. 

Acai fills your body with rich nutrients, which takes away all those insane cravings. Your appetite is suppressed naturally without leaving you feeling like you are lacking anything. 

If you are already healthy or thin, the berry will not cause weight loss, so even if you don’t need to lose weight, you can still get many other benefits. Acai does come in diet pill form but is not as effective as eating the fruit itself. 

The process involved in converting it to pill form takes away many nutrients. A few companies are also marketing a juice made from acai berry that is quite palatable. Acai speeds up the metabolism, which leads to more calories burned. It is a natural energy booster. The best place to purchase may be a health food store.

Acai berries are found only in the Amazon basin, so be careful what you purchase and how it is processed. The berry also gives wonderful, protective benefits for the heart with its omega nine and omega six and may even help to lower cholesterol. Acai berry also aids in digestion and cleansing the body of built-up toxins.

So what is the downside? Well, there are none known. 

The only possible problems have been linked to additives in some supplement forms. This should not be a concern if you buy reputably or go for a natural form. Many studies are ongoing with the acai berry. They are FDA-approved. 

A professor at the University of Florida believes he has proven that acai destroys leukemia cells. There is simply no way for this berry to harm the human body.

All fruits and veggies have some benefits, but the acai seems to have more than its share. It naturally boosts energy levels, fights cancerous cells, detoxifies the body, fights free radicals, may enhance sexual performance, increase sexual desire, is full of fiber, good for the heart, promotes healthy sleep, and can minimize aging process and help with inflammation. 

The acai berry may also be beneficial to diabetics, eyesight, circulation, mental clarity, digestion, cholesterol levels, prevention of atherosclerosis, and the immune system. 

Researchers continue to study the acai berry in search of further benefits and possible cures or treatments.