Top Quality Fire Starters

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While camping in the mountains, it feels beautiful during the day but it gets very cool during the night and this poses the demand for fire as it can be very cozy. It is quite easy to turn winter days comfortable with fire in a wind stove while summer nights can be fun with bonfire. Fire is something that is very essential for life survival in the wild as it possesses the ability of making food and water safe when consumed. It also helps an individual signals for help and even provides warmth. Nevertheless, wet, windy and cold weather conditions can result in hypothermia and can hamper the process of building fire. This is the reason why a good quality or the Best Fire Starter is required to serve as a backup for matches or a lighter. Some of the top quality fire starters which have been used since times immemorial have been described below:

Matches which can be struck anywhere

Good quality matches which can be struck almost anywhere are very difficult to get hold of but they are the best when it comes to choosing the best fire starter.

Throwaway Butane Lighter

Throwaway butane lighters are quite reliable and lightweight if they are kept dry but they might turn out to be a bit sluggish if used at low temperatures. There are not very picaresque and traditional but they are quite safe when it comes to lighting fire in the worst of conditions. They are good for emergencies.

Lifeboat Matches

Lifeboat matches are specifically made by a number of manufacturers but you should always look for the ones which possess high quality. The lifeboat matches generally burn for twelve to fifteen seconds and this can make a very huge difference.

Steel and Flint

Steel and flint have been used as standard or traditional fire starters for centuries. If you want to use both these items successfully then it is better to make use of a very good and top quality steel striker, char cloth, a very sharp piece of any stone or flint and of course good practice.

Make Use of Friction Methods

Practiced technique and right materials are essential for lighting fire by making use of friction methods. The most common friction method used for lighting fire is the drill and bow method while there are other excellent varieties of friction methods that can be used for lighting good quality fire. This does not mean that you can rub two sticks and produce fire unless one stick is a match.


Ferrocerium is basically a metallic material which is man-made and it sparks at 3000 degree Fahrenheit. Ferrocerium sparks when it is scraped using a steel striker or knife blade. Nowadays, most fire starters available in the market and even the commercial lighters are made using ferrocerium.

Egg Carton

You can pack the egg carton chambers with sawdust, dryer lint, newspaper, charcoal briquette and fill the entire thing with good quality melted wax. This provides steady flame which works for several minutes is great for difficult and emergency conditions.