Why Eating Healthily Can Be Just as Easy as Eating Unhealthily

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Some people say it’s too expensive to eat healthily, or that they just don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals, but these people are kidding themselves. Think about it. In the time it takes you to drive to the hamburger joint, collect and pay for your meal and bring it home, you could make an omelette, serve up a jacket potato with tuna and coleslaw or make beans on toast. All of these are healthier and cheaper options than that burger and fries, and you didn’t have to use expensive fuel to go get them.

With a little planning, it’s just as easy to eat healthily as it is to eat unhealthily. Do you like curries? Well, instead of buying a ready meal or phoning for a takeaway, make your own. At least you know what’s going into it, and you can cook healthily by cutting down on the fat and salt you use, and by making your curry with lean meat or vegetables. To make serving a healthy curry even easier, cook it in bulk and freeze in portions for later use.

Nothing is quicker and healthier than a pasta meal. It’s possible to knock up a tomato based pasta sauce in no time at all, and while the sauce is simmering, you can prepare a salad to go with it.This option is much cheaper and healthier than that takeout pizza. For maximum health benefits from your pasta meal, choose whole grain pasta and add lean mince or a selection of vegetables to the pasta sauce.

If you love soups, make your own rather than opting for tins or packets. It’s so easy to make a big pan of vegetable soup, and the ingredients are all natural – unlike packaged soups, which will contain preservatives and even sugar to maintain the colour and flavour until you get around to opening the can. As with the curry, make a big pan of soup and freeze what you don’t eat for later. Not only does this cut down on fuel, as it uses no more gas or electricity to cook 12 servings of soup than it does for 4, it saves time later, as all you have to do is thaw and reheat your soup.

Eggs have to be the ultimate healthy fast food. You can make an omelette or poach eggs in minutes. Lean ham, eggs and grilled tomatoes is a quick, healthy meal that tastes as if it should be quite sinful, yet it’s better for your body – and your wallet – than a fish and chip supper. As it’s a high protein meal, you’ll also feel fuller for longer.

To sum up, it’s just as easy to eat healthily as it is to eat unhealthily. All you need is a basic knowledge of nutrition, and a little imagination. You can do it!