How I Broke My Worst Health Habit

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I’ve always been petite. Since I did not exercise or watch what I ate, I assumed that I was one of the lucky few whose metabolism was very high. This made me consume unhealthy meals without a care in the world. I especially loved sweet things. That is how my addiction to black forest cake was born.

Though I was warned time and again by different people that the sugar was not good for my body, I assumed that as long as I remained small, then all was well. I did not exercise and I still looked great. Who would not want that?

It was not until the day I got pregnant that I realized that something needed to be done and it needed to be done fast. Though I knew that I had to eat more healthy meals and exercise for the sake of the baby, it was very hard for me. It depressed me to know that I was struggling to do something millions of women did very easily every day. This would make me cry on end and the only consolation for me would be indulging in sweet goodies. The vicious circle was endless.

For the first time in my life, my weight started increasing at an alarming rate. I gained a whopping 12 pounds in a month. I also started experiencing breathlessness and felt tired all the time. At first I attributed my steep weight gain to my being pregnant, but when my pressure went up as well, I got concerned. And this was my wake up call.

When pregnant, it’s always good to start exercising early. Since I had not done it in a long time, I was really hard for me to start. I got tired easily and my doctor advised against straining myself too hard in case I endangered the life growing in me. The only option was to l watch what I ate and exercise only moderately.

It was really hard to break the habit at first but my husband and mum were very supportive. I started off taking less of the yummy delight and I walked for 30 minutes a day. In time, I was even able to do squats which later proved to be very helpful for my labor.

I was so determined to change my ways that 6 weeks after birth, I got my doctor’s approval to join the local gym. I started exercising right away. I eat healthy now, exercise regularly and have never felt better than I now do.