Honey and Health: It’s a Sweet Combination

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I always thought honey was delicious. However, it turns out honey has all kinds of health benefits too. It soothes my throat. It calms my kids’ stomachs. It’s good for my skin. Now, raw, organic honey is a staple in my pantry. After all, it’s both sweet and wholesome. Here are some of the health benefits of honey.

Sore Throat and Cough Soother

I rarely take over-the-counter medicines. When I have a sore throat or a cough, I drink warm, raw-and-organic honey water. This helps soothe my throat. Since I have young kids and have heard about the dangers of cough medicine, I give my kids a little bit of honey to ease their coughs. According to WebMD, one study revealed that honey was better than a common cough suppressant (and an antihistamine) “in easing nighttime cough in children and improving their sleep.” Honey tastes better than a lot of OTC medicines. In addition, there aren’t any dyes or preservatives like in some medicines.

Wound Healer

Typically, I reach for wound cleanser for cuts and scrapes. However, according to Lindsey Duncan ND, CN, honey is said have “antibacterial properties that prevent infection in minor abrasions.” In addition, its thick consistency prevents bacteria from getting into the wound. After applying honey to your cut, you should cover it with a bandage. Kids like this better than a cold antiseptic spray too. If you have a serious wound, however, you should seek medical attention.

Honey and Cinnamon

Honey has a lot of health benefits. Yet, for some purposes, honey combined with cinnamon is even better. On a daily basis, I drink honey and cinnamon in warm water. We also combine a small amount into a paste for consumption. It’s very soothing and satisfying. NaturalNews.com says this drink “strengthens the immune system” and eases digestion. Furthermore, its ability to clear clogged arteries can even “prevent heart disease.”


Any time I am dealing with my health, I make sure to find out if there are any risks involved. The most important rule with honey is not to give it to children under 12 months of age. Honey poses a risk of infant botulism (a serious paralytic illness). Also, diabetics beware; honey can affect your blood sugar level. After all, like sugar, it has glucose and fructose. In addition, it isn’t calorie free. Thus, honey is to be used in moderation.

I’m a big fan of natural treatments. However, I also like to get the advice of my doctor. Before taking part in any home remedies, it’s important to get professional advice (especially if you are pregnant or nursing). In my experience, honey has been beneficial for my family.