Water: Miracle Aid to Help Quit Smoking

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Like any other addiction, quitting smoking is not at all easy. Asking anyone who has quit will say they are not absolutely over it. Even if it is that they have not smoked for a quite a few good years maybe 15 years. They will not say that occasionally they don’t still feel the craving to smoke; these people have instead diverted their minds off to other things. Some take up golf, some go to a gym extensively, some go to Disneyland to take their minds off. Jokes apart stopping smoking is not an easy task and that’s just about all.

However, the good news is that amongst many blessings that help a smoker to quit his addiction… “Water” is the biggest blessing of all. It helps to get through very tough cravings especially in the first few days and weeks after the quitting has taken place.

The longer one has been smoking, the more the body has been accustomed to nicotine; a very powerful drug. The biggest part of difficulty in quitting smoking is the body’s craving for the drug. Additionally, there are lots of headaches during the days and weeks of quitting however the best part is that a lot of poisonous toxins are getting out of the body and with a strong positive mind and willpower anyone can get through it. This is where water comes in handy again.

Lots of water helps the body to get rid of poisons in the body and allow the tissues and organs to regenerate themselves. Thus, when anyone is quitting smoking, it’s not unreasonable to think that they may want to double their water intake. Therefore, if anyone had previously been drinking 10 glasses of water they may now want to drink 20 glasses of water. Twenty glasses of water may seem a lot to any normal person and anybody might find it extremely difficult to gulp down that much of water. But in that situation quitters should aim that high to get healthy again. They should use the cravings as an opportunity to have another glass of water.

If anyone during their period of quitting smoking slips and has a cigarette should not build up guilt. They can just immediately drink 5 to 6 glasses of water to flush out the toxins and bounce right back into the new habit of not smoking.

What every smoke quitter must thus memorize is that water helps beat the cravings and it also flushes out the toxins from the body. Thus, water which is not hard to drink is a very useful blessing. If drinking plain water is not possible then anyone can try spicing it up with a light lemon taste or perhaps orange whichever is a more tongue twister.

The moral of the entire article is that Quitting Smoking is beneficial to Health and anybody should be strong enough to “Not Lose to Tobacco”.

Drink Down Lots of Water! and Quit Tobacco Easily!