Top 10 Morning Tips for Men

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The beginning of each new day is another chance to become better. Here are 10 morning rituals that will make you look and feel better all day – and completely change your quality of life in the long term.

1. Start the day with cardio

A good sweat during the morning is a good way to pump both your body and mind. In addition, these exercises help with building a tighter and more attractive body, the inflow of endorphins will heighten cheerfulness and keep you in high spirits for several hours, and the skin will eventually become more cleansed. Also, you will be better able to cope with stress throughout the day. Despite the fact that any type of morning exercise will be of use, give preference to cardio training, since more fat is burned in the morning hours, and leave weight training for a later time.

2. Have a good breakfast

Perceive your body as a machine: in order for it to work well, it needs fuel, and some types of fuel are more preferable than others. Start your engine with a breakfast that will increase your speed for those long hours. The best breakfast is a combination of easily digestible proteins and slow carbohydrates, so try things like oat flakes with fruit and yogurt or scrambled eggs with vegetables. If you do not have time, make a quick protein smoothie by mixing fruits with milk or juice in your blender and adding a spoonful of protein powder afterwards.

3. Brush your teeth

One can argue about whether it is better to do this before breakfast or after it, but everyone will agree that brushing your teeth in the morning is absolutely necessary for both oral health and for your smile.

4. Use eye cream

The eyelids, thin and sensitive, are one of those places where you will see signs of aging first. The cream will soften and moisten the thin, dry skin of the eyelids and prevent wrinkles. Remedies with retinol are especially good.

5. Shave

Most women prefer freshly shaved men, so take the time to go through this important procedure. Even if you do not need to shave every day, spend 5 minutes every morning to inspect your face and assess the situation. If you make a habit out of it, you will never get so that you only realize by the middle of the day that you missed a couple of very noticeable spots when you shaved the last time. The same applies to hairs in the nose and in the ears, as well as fused eyebrows.

6. Do 100 push-ups

This piece of advice may be old, but proven: adding 100 push-ups to your morning cardio training will drive women crazy over your abs. Moreover, after perking up your basic muscles thus, you will also improve your posture for the rest of the day – and will look taller and more confident.

7. Take lunch with you

It only takes a few minutes, but it saves an incredible amount of extra calories and unnecessary sodium that you get while dining in eateries or, even worse, buying pre-prepared food. If you are one of those people who categorically do not have time, try taking lunch with you only twice a week – and you will quickly notice that you have dropped several kilograms and returned the cholesterol and blood pressure back to a normal level.

8. Use a face cleanser

To instantly freshen up your skin, massage your face, directly while in the shower, using a high-quality facial cleanser. Look for a lotion that contains scraping particles or a 2-percent salicylic acid solution: both will help you clear the pores and will make your skin feel and look fresher within a month. To avoid the appearance of spots on the face and quickly give the skin vivacity, wash with cold water.

9. Drink caffeine

Black coffee and green or black tea are just packed with antioxidants that will help you look young. Researchers also suggest that regular consumption of these drinks in small amounts can reduce the risk of senile dementia, as well as some forms of cancer. In addition, a cup of coffee will offer the same feeling of recovery, which is so necessary in the morning.

10. Use your ‘trademark smell’

If you regularly use the same perfume, women will associate this fragrance with you. In order to smell nice all day, use a deodorant, cologne and even soap produced by the same brand.