The Shocking Truth About Alternative Health Cures

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Pain is a powerful motivator. To escape it, nearly 40 million Americans have turned to alternative health cures.

Imagine this: The stiffness and pain of arthritis is almost too much to bear. The difficulty in opening a jar of pickles or walking to the mailbox leaves you feeling hopeless and full of despair. The pain medicine the doctor gives you makes your stomach ache.

Isn’t there a better way?

Friends, co-workers and even your grandmother seem to think so. They offer you alternative health cures they may have heard that work. Their hearts are in the right place. But you are not sure of where to begin. Maybe copper bracelets will work. Perhaps MSM is the way to go. You could even try zinc.

But how do you know which alternative health cures work?

Which of the dozens of brands of alternative health cures do you try?

Hmmmmm. You are beginning to wonder if alternative health cures are worth the hassle.

But, this lack of clarity is not your fault. With all the misinformation floating around, your confusion is understandable. Why don’t we take aim at all the confusion surrounding alternative health cures? Let’s blow through the smoke and find the truth.

The kind of information you want exists, but first we must clear away the smoke.

Let’s explore 4 shocking truths surrounding choosing alternative health cures.

In short, here’s what you should consider:

1) Certain alternative health cures aren’t for everyone.

Not all alternative health cures are effective for every disease.
If you are wrestling with a mild bout of depressions, mind-body therapies may work but homeopathy may not.

2) Herb nutrients can take many forms.

Just take a look at Vitamin E. This is one of the most popular alternative health cures. Did you know there is NO single substance we can point to and call Vitamin E? There are actually 8 substances with Vitamin E activity.

3) All versions of alternative health cures are not the same.

Different “versions” of supplements exist when only one form of it is available. For example: All St. Johns worts are not the same. There is no “standard ingredient list” for this herb. No one can seem to agree on how much or how little of any of the chemicals in St. Johns wort should be included. Manufactures have no choice other than to produce different variations of the herb.

4) What you see is not always what you get.

Many manufactures skim on materials and/or procedures. The supplements they are selling do not contain what the labels claim they do. In some cases, the active ingredients are not released well inside the digestive tract.

The point here is not to alarm you or suggest that alternative cures are dangerous. Instead, it is to remind you that even the most seemingly harmless therapies can have hidden and dangerous consequences you should be aware of.

And, please remember to speak with your doctor before trying alternative health cures or changing your standard of care in any way.