The Benefits of Adding Health Allies to Your Existing Healthcare Plan

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 Small Businesses and Individuals May Benefit

Many businesses think that it is all or nothing when it comes to offering their employees affordable healthcare. But there is an affordable supplemental program that you and your employees may want in addition to regular health insurance. Or, some may consider this an option when making their decision on which major healthcare provider to go choose. Health Allies, based out of Glendale, California, is a program offered to Sam’s ®Club Business Plus members. It allows members to receive discounts of between 10% and 50% off of services like Medical Care, Dental Care, Hearing Aids, Eye Care, Health and Wellness and even Fitness Clubs. It can help your employees and yourself save on services that are not covered by your existing health insurance. Therefore, it complements an overall healthcare plan.

You don’t have to be a Sam’s Club Plus Business member to be eligible for Health Allies. However, it’s complimentary when you are. If you enroll separately, you pay over $150 a year for the program. Why not get the benefits of discount shopping at Sam’s and utilize the additional health care benefits? It is important to understand that Health Allies is not health insurance. It is a supplemental discount program to help ease the financial burden of what is not covered in your regular insurance program. And if you or your employees prefer to self-pay for some forms of health care…why not get a discount?

Small businesses with less than 100 employees can let their employees be aware of a health discount program that is better than not having any coverage at all. They can sign up through Health Allies individually without any obligation from your company since they sign up as individuals, not employees.

My experience with Health Allies up to this point has been pleasant. Their customer service representatives were very helpful in answering any questions I had regarding their supplemental service and participating healthcare facilities.

Before considering trying out this supplemental health program, realize that you must have online access to search their database of providers. You must also confirm the discount over the phone before visiting your chosen healthcare facility. To save time, make sure you search the database to confirm that the organization is a participant in the Health Allies program. The online database search through their website is very easy to use and many healthcare participants you will find listed really do want your business. I was amazed to find so many to choose from in the Columbus, Ohio area.

I like the program because it frees me up from being financially obligated for a huge weekly or monthly rate on services that I use occasionally. As always, not every program is best for everyone. And again, this does not replace your regular health insurance by any means. However, I suggest that you either research this service through Sam’s Club or visit Health Allies’ website directly to find out if this program is a good supplement to your overall health and wellness requirements.