Lush Decor Floral Paisley Window Curtain Panel

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If you are a homeowner with nice French doors or floor-length windows that are starch white, you may be wondering what color of curtains can very well match your panes. A good and creative suggestion would be the stunning blue paisley-patterned panels of the Lush Decor Floral Paisley Window Curtain Panel. These may just be the final beatifying touch to your chic home.


  • Panels are made up of 100% polyester
  • Includes 2 panels, measuring 84 inches by 52 inches each
  • Blocks out the sun
  • Grommets for easy installation and aesthetics
  • Easy to clean

Love blue flowers? The Lush Decor Floral Paisley Window Curtain Panel might just be the curtain you have been looking for. It is made up of high quality and imported 100% polyester, giving it sheen in its finish that is soft and flowing and almost feels like silk. It stretches a bit too, so it does not tear easily and can last a long time.

The benefits of its polyester does not stop there though, because aside from its outstanding quality and excellent durability, it also has minimal impact to the environment since it is 100% recyclable, meaning it does not produce toxic waste during the recycling process. At the end of the recycling process, you are left with a fabric that is just as good as the original material.

The packaging includes two stylish panels that measure 84 inches by 52 inches each –the perfect length for those fancy French windows or those elegant floor length windows. The material will be soft and heavy enough to fall gracefully to the floor without fuss and wow your guests as they enter.

What’s more is that they actually have some degree of sun-blocking power as they can give you some shade from the harsh daylight despite their light colour. This feature is perfect if you plan to place them in your living room to screen the light in the place where you commonly entertain guests, or to minimize the glare of light reflection against your TV as you watch your favourite afternoon shows.

The Lush Decor Floral Paisley Window Curtain Panel (Set of 2), 84 x 52″, Blue, has gone all out in the style department as they also come with modern and very stylish grommets that are so in these days.

These reinforced holes that are commonly made of plastic or metal make it a lot easier for you to loop them into your curtain rods, and to slip them out too. Plus, they make the art of uniformly folding your curtains as they fall seem like child’s play.

Aside from the easy installation and removal, the Lush Decor Floral Paisley Window Curtain Panel (Set of 2), 84 x 52″, Blue is also easy to maintain. Washing it is fairly easy for anyone who knows how to operate a washing machine.

Simply place them in a mesh bag and machine wash them on gentle cycle and in cold water. Afterwards, hang them to dry. No more tumble-drying or hot air as these may damage the fabric. A good old clothesline will do excellently for the Lush Decor Floral Paisley Window Curtain Panel (Set of 2), 84 x 52″, Blue.


A whopping 83% of its 23 reviews are all five stars out of five, and received rave reviews about their quality and design. They also noted that, despite the white background of the Lush Decor Floral Paisley Window Curtain Panel, it manages to screen off a good amount of light to reduce eye-straining glare from the outside during midday and early afternoon.

The most featured quality of this product based on its reviews is the quality of its fabric. The 100% polyester indeed delivers and does not disappoint when it comes to pleasing picky buyers who want quality for their money. Some of them even feel as if they got a whole lot more than what they have paid for when it came down to considering the quality of the material of the Lush Decor Floral Paisley Window Curtain Panel.

There are, however, a few who noted that there seems to be a lack of consistency in the length of the curtain panels when you put them up or line them down. There may be slight differences to the cuts at its lower hem, but, if you are planning to place these curtains behind furniture anyway, this can be shrugged off. However, if you do plan on placing them exposed full length against a French door, it would be best to inspect them thoroughly for the said minor defect.

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