Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

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A Sweet Tooth’s Dream Come True!

If you have that sweet tooth for chocolate and crave dark chocolate in particular, you are in for some fantastic ews! Recent scientific studies have shown that chocolate, and dark chocolate in specific, has many health benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of dark chocolate and how its consumption can actually help you.

The first thing to consider is the type of chocolate in question. Studies have shown that milk chocolate and white chocolate are not as healthy as compared to dark chocolate. Generally, white chocolate and milk chocolate contain higher percentages of fat and in turn lower amount of benefits to offer to the average consumer of chocolate. On the other hand, chocolate that is semi-sweet or bittersweet are more beneficial.

One of the mostly obvious health benefits of dark chocolate is the mood enhancement it provides by keeping the person in a more joyful state. This effect is achieved by the high levels of serotonin found in dark chocolate. This ingredient works as an anti-depressant, making the mood lighter and keeping the person happier.

Chocolate also improves the agility of our blood vessels, helping to keep the blood circulation flowing easily and smoothly.

In addition to this, perhaps one of the most admired health benefits of dark chocolate is that it contains an abundant amount of antioxidants that help prevent cancer. These antioxidants also help prevent other forms of illnesses by fighting free radicals in the body that need to be kept in check. These free radicals enter the body through the environment or through the ingestion of food. Flavonoids are another ingredient found in chocolate that help fight these free radicals, protecting the immune system of the body.

Other health benefits of dark chocolate are the high content of minerals present in it. Dark chocolate is high in iron and magnesium, two extremely important minerals to keep the body healthy and strong.

The antioxidants present in dark chocolate is also good for joint pains and arthritis, keeping the bones strong and reducing pain and pressure. Not only that, but chocolate is found to increase energy levels of the body and brain due to the presence of because of vitamin B.

And if you are looking to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, dark chocolate is an excellent candidate. It not only lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol, but also refuses to interfere with the insulin production of your body. This means that even though chocolate contains fat and cholesterol, they are undoubtedly the good kind that your body needs.

The health benefits of dark chocolate don’t stop there, there is also some good news for diabetics. Dark chocolate is actually a healthy alternative for diabetics as it is low in carbohydrates.

All of these benefits surely suggest that the consumption of natural dark chocolate is helpful for the body, but remember that eating in excess can be unhealthy. So go ahead and enjoy your dark chocolate treats, but remember to always consume in moderation and choose a healthy and natural brand of dark chocolate that is best for consumption.