Health Benefits of Celery

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What Are the Health Benefits of Celerey?

There are actually several different health benefits of celery that the average person may not be aware of. Celery actually contains chemicals that can reduce stress hormones in your blood. This ultimately allows blood vessels to expand which gives your blood more room to move around your body. This in turn will lower your blood pressure and force your heart to do less work.

Another one of the health benefits of celery come from celery seeds themselves. Celery seeds actually help in uric acid elimination. Therefore, celery would be a great food for someone to eat if they had kidney, liver, cystitis, or bladder problems. Eating celery has also shown to reduce urinary tract problems among women.

Eating celery would also be advantageous for anyone that has joint or knee problems. Celery sticks actually contain a diuretic substance which helps to remove uric acid crystals that can sometimes build up around joints. These crystals are what cause joint and knee problems.

Another one of the health benefits of celery is that it can prevent cancer. Celery is a plant that contains phthalides and polyacetylenes which are anti cancer components and detoxify carcinogens that many exist within the body. Celery sticks also contain coumarins that enhance the activity of several different white blood cells within the body.

Another one of the health benefits of celery is that it is rich in Vitamin C. This boost of Vitamin C is an added boost to the immune system. Therefore, if a person had immune problems it would be extremely beneficial for them to eat celery sticks on a daily basis.

It would also be extremely beneficial for someone who had asthma to eat celery sticks on a daily basis. Celery sticks contain high levels of Vitamin C which prevents free radical damage and decreases the amount of inflammation that can occur within the lungs of people that have asthma.

Another one of the health benefits of celery is that eating the plant can help to treat rheumatism which happens to have 85% 3nBthat is extremely effective in the treatment of rheumatism. Celery is also great for anyone that is trying to lose weight because it contains virtually no calories. The fact of the matter is that you would burn up more calories digesting celery than the plant itself contains. Either way, there are tons of different health benefits of celery that make it a great snack for any person! The source for the information in this article was

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