Reasons to Become a Healthier You

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Everyone should know the reasons to get healthy. But think most people over look them or want to look past them so they can live the unhealthy life style that they chose. Here are a few reasons why everyone should change their life to a more healthy life style. Healthy life style which means eating healthy and exercising more.

Losing my muffin top was reason enough. Looking good in clothes is a good reason to get healthy and eat better. Places like the middle are not only a trouble spot for most but an awful place to store fat. People who have weight that resides mostly in their middle have an increased risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So lose that muffin top, beer gut, or whatever you want to call it. Just add a walk a few times a week and a few more vegetables to your diet and you will see even the smallest changes can help you fight the flab and the health risks.

Another reason to stay healthy and fit is to fight off cancer. A study form Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise did a study saying that Women who did moderate exercise every week cut their chance of dying from breast cancer by a third. It says it right in black and white if you exercise you have a better chance of fighting off breast cancer, doesn’t that make you want to get up and go for a jog? Eating healthy and exercising regularly can help you from getting little aches and pains to larger stuff like fighting cancer. So even if it is a few minor changes like taking a multivitamin in the morning and a walk after dinner that can help you live a longer and happier life.

How about if I told you that exercising ten minutes of aerobic exercise a day could trigger changes within the brain that help defuse nicotine cravings. Plus the more aerobic exercise the better and stronger your lungs will get, of course eating the right foods also help. So put down the cigarettes for good and reversing the damage you have already done to yourself. Your body is pretty good at repairing itself so the second you stop smoking it is starting to fight off the damage you have already done. Plus eating right and exercising more will put you in a different mind frame where unhealthy habits will be easier to break.