Essentials Of Parabolic Mirrors

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A parabolic mirror is a device that is used to focus energy on a single point after capturing it. It can work in the opposite way too, that is, distributing the energy into various directions from the single focal point. These mirrors are also known as parabolic reflectors. These are extremely famous among space scientists and are used for a number of space programs.

Essential Information

The following are more information about parabolic mirrors.

  • These mirrors are generally made out of Pyrex glasses or low expansion glass. However, these days you can also find the acrylic parabolic mirror.

  • In order to make sure that the distortion is minimal, the mirrors are fine. You should know that making parabolic mirrors could be very expensive. In fact, the high-end mirrors take months to be made and cost a few thousand dollars with ease.
  • Back in time, these mirrors were actually used in battles. Apparently, the warriors used them to gather sunlight and focus it on the opponent so that the opponent’s armor will get too hot to be worn. This use has actually not been confirmed but many people believe it. Another time that parabolic mirrors were used was during the Olympics. The torch was lit using these mirrors. The mirrors actually focused the sunlight in one spot, causing the torch to light up. This fact is indeed fascinating.

  • These mirrors are mainly used in amateur telescopes but besides that they are used in different places too. The optical illusion toy is one example. With this toy, two mirrors are used. These mirrors are placed on a small pan. They are attached and you will be able to see a hole on the top portion. This hole is the place where you place the object. When you place an object there, it will seem as if it is floating in air a few inches above its actual position.
  • They are commonly found in satellite radio, Dish TV, and so on. The satellites rely on the parabolic reflectors.
  • You will find different types of these mirrors for different purposes such as the off axis parabolic mirror and the large parabolic mirror. Each has its own function and requirement.

Researching about these mirrors will give you a clearer idea on their significance and uses. If you are looking to make a purchase, you could search online. Currently, these mirrors are being used extensively in telescope. They are of prime importance at NASA. Whether it is these mirrors or convex mirrors, each mirror has more importance and benefits that you are actually aware of.