Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican Themed Picnic

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People in America are always very enthusiastic when it comes to cultural events and celebrations. They dress up according to the day/theme, cook great traditional foods and arrange wonderful gatherings. No matter if it’s Christmas, New Year eve, thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween or any other cultural event, you will always see them dressed up according to the specific theme with their foods and costumes showing the essence of their culture.  Even family members who live far away from their relatives come home on these to spend time with their loved ones.
Cinco de Mayo is one such event. But unfortunately many people around the world are still not aware about this day. Cinco de Mayo is a day celebrated on May 5 each year in America (along with some other countries) to celebrate the Mexican Army’s triumph over French forces at the battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Americans usually relate this day to celebrate Mexican-American culture and celebrate it just like other festivals. They also show unity and love for people who are living in America with the Mexican background by dressing up in their traditional costumes, decorating homes and preparing super-delicious Mexican food. In some areas, specifically in the surroundings of Pubelo de Los Angeles, festivities of local Mexican music and dancing are held. In some other areas, parties and gatherings are held at homes, people invite their loved ones, and they all dress up according to the theme and arrange games and activities accordingly. One of the great ways to celebrate this day is to arrange a picnic since picnics are always a remarkable idea when it comes to celebrations. Here are some easy tips to organize a perfect Cinco de Mayo picnic.

Grace your spot with Mexican styled decoration

It can prove to be the easiest step for your picnic. You only have to do is buy some Mexican flags (or just cut some colored paper), put them on walls and tables, and buy some accessories like candles, hats, Luminaries, and other such stuff. It will give a fine traditional touch to the picnic. You can also make little badges and flags and use them as give away. Moreover, Mexican style music can be played in the background which adds some more traditional touch to the environment.

Dress up for the day

If you do not dress yourself up according to the theme, you simply do not celebrate the day at all! Getting Mexican style traditional costumes is not a very difficult task. If you are organizing a Cinco de Mayo themed picnic you should definitely get yourself a dress inspired by Mexican culture. If not then you can simply incorporate the colors red, white, and green into your dress (colors of the Mexican flag).

The perfect Mexican style Picnic Basket

Being the basic ingredient of all the picnics, the picnic basket should unveil the theme of the picnic in a beautiful way. Mexican styled baskets are easily available in stores, you can buy one and use it for your day.

Pack some Mexican Food

This step could be a challenge while making decisions about the arrangements of the picnic. From the appetizer to the dessert everything should be in collaboration with traditional Mexican culture. Those items should be preferred which are not only simple to prepare but easy to take and store as well. Thanks to Mexican culture and their delicious cuisine we have plenty of options so we can choose the items and get tem made.
As far as the appetizer is concerned, Mini Chicken Chimichangas are a perfect choice since they are easily portable with the recipe being very simple. They are just like petties. You just have to make some dough and some stuffing and the rolls are ready. There are so many other options available as well like Nachos, grilled pepper poppers, Mexican dips etc.
We should keep one thing in mind that while choosing the right food we should never go for items which are completely alien to us. Mexican Chicken Fajita and Mexican sandwiches can perfectly prove to be your main course with the plus point that they are very famous which makes them easily available. The great Mexican Fajitas can be made within minutes. All that is required is just to sprinkle the peppers, chicken and onion into a bowl with the cumin and paprika. Squeeze over half a lime, drizzle 1 tbsp of oil, sprinkle over a decent pinch of black pepper and mix properly.
Talking about the Mexican food and not mentioning corn? Impossible! You should definitely add some corn-related dish to your menu as well. Chili-spiked, corn with lime topping and cheese on the cob can be easy to assemble for a picnic. Since salads are must for picnic you can use this Mexican street corn salad to add some magic to your food. It can be prepared within seconds and tastes just delicious as any other salads.
You can take Fresh Margaritas with you as your drink and they will never put you down. It is a very famous Mexican drink which only needs you to make some sugary syrup pf lemon and sugar and add to some water. You can put it into your thermos without any ice and then while serving it you can use ice cubes.
Did we just forget the dessert? Well your picnic would be a complete waste if you don’t take delicious dessert along with you. Mexicans seem to be very fond of sweet treats which can be seen in the great variety of sweet cuisine in their menu. So you can just check the list of their desserts and choose the ones which can be easily made by the ingredients that are available in your kitchen. Mexican Crullers is one such item. Some butter, sugar, flour and cinnamon is used to make this beauty. Dip it in the hit chocolate and satisfy your sweet tooth! Have a happy picnic!