Appreciating Convex Mirrors

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There might be instances when you have encountered convex mirrors on roads, groceries, or parking areas. But do you really know how they work and what are their uses? If you think they are used just to create a unique or fun reflection, you are wrong. They are used in a multitude of ways specifically when it comes to safety and security.

Cool Decorative Convex Mirrors

A Brief Background on Concave and Convex Mirrors

Aside from the conventional or flat mirrors you use at home or carry on your purse, there’s a second classification of mirrors similar to lenses; the curved ones. The concave mirrors are curved inwards and the reflective surface is located on the inner or deeper side. Concave mirrors have several uses and the most important of all is their magnifying capability; an important quality required in making telescopes, lighting fixtures, and other magnifying equipment.

Convex mirrors on the other hand are mirrors where the reflective surface is located on the outer or bulging side. In contrary to the concave types of mirrors, the convex types don’t focus the light hitting it. Hence; instead of focusing on an object, it usually disperses or widens the reflections. This eventually lets you see smaller reflection with the convex types of mirrors. But since it is angled outwards, the wider also is the area which can be reflected.

The Importance and Uses of Convex Types Mirrors

Haven’t thought of the special and practical uses of the convex types of mirrors yet? Then, you might recall seeing these mirrors in most of the places that shall be mentioned as follows.

  • Your car’s side mirror is convex. The most common and noticeable use of these mirrors is to serve as the back or side mirror of vehicles particularly of cars and larger vehicles. These convex mirrors for cars let you see a wider perspective of what’s happening on your car’s tail or sides and this is very much important when driving. The importance of a convex side mirror is far more evident for trucks and buses which don’t have rear-view mirrors. These extra mirrors let them see an entire perspective of their vehicle including its surroundings.

  • These mirrors ensure safety in tight road curves. Some areas where the road curves are too tight and dangerous; engineers often install convex mirrors to provide a visible warning for approaching vehicles in case there is any vehicle approaching the opposite direction.
  • They ensure safety in parking areas or side streets. Parking areas have a number of these mirrors to prevent accidents in the narrow and tight turns that several drivers can experience while parking their vehicles.
  • They are the more practical way to watch over customers on groceries and stores. These mirrors will never be absent on stores, groceries, and supermarkets. They provide a more practical alternative to CCTVs in watching the activities of shoppers coming into these stores.

Wide Angle Round Convex Adjustable Mirror For Cars

  • They ensure safety on hospital hallways. Similar to the roads, there is also human traffic hospitals. To ensure the safety of patients, employees, and other people who constantly rush through the hallways, a convex type of mirror is usually installed in hallway ends or intersections.
  • For decorative purposes. Some homeowners are also charmed with these mirrors that they purchase smaller decorative convex mirrors to design and accent their houses.

Convex mirrors are simple and common items that you regularly see on several areas but are serving important functions that could eventually save lives. You should always appreciate every minor detail of your surrounding because, for sure, they are there for a certain purpose.