Still Preferred The Wicker Basket

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Are you going out for a picnic with the family this weekend or you are looking for a convenient storage item at home? Whether you are planning to have an outdoor activity or just simply dusting the old college memorabilia, you are certain that one of the items that needs no further introduction is the wicker basket. Of course, there are plastic containers for food storage during picnic or wooden boxes for the storage of your personal effects but what makes this type of basket the convenient choice? The answer will present itself once you see them.

What is a Wicker

There is a good chance that there are still a lot of people who thinks that wicker is a natural fiber. Wicker is actually the technique used to weave a certain material around a frame to create a furniture. These materials could be bamboo or rattan and there are also synthetic materials being used nowadays such as the resin.

Large Food Storage Wicker Basket

A Brief History

Wicker, as a material, has been documented in history to have been used since ancient times of the Egyptians and Romans. During that time, wicker came from the swamp and weed grasses and was used as the main material for making wicker furniture for the royal family and also as a wicker basket storage for carrying items. The Romans brought this weaving technique to Europe and was accepted with enthusiasm throughout the continent. Ultimately, the Europeans began their exploration of the world and it was the time when they returned from Southeast Asia that they brought a much durable material that is called “rattan”. At the turn of the 20th century, wicker was used for both indoor and outdoor purposes and it seems that the possibility to create a reliable piece of furniture is in the wicker material.

Organize Storage In Wicker Baskets

Still Preferred By Many

Today, you will have a lot of synthetic materials such as plastic to replace the wicker basket for storage or carrying purposes. However, there are still traditional people who would prefer a large wicker basket over a sturdy wooden or metal storage furniture. With that being said, here are some reasons why the wicker basket is still the choice for most homeowners and individuals;

  • Aesthetic value – anything made of wicker will look unique from its modern material counterparts.
  • Weight – when you want to carry things around, the last thing that you need is an extra weight from the storage equipment itself. Wicker is still lighter than some types of plastic.
  • Traditional – the basket made of wicker is already accepted as the primary storage of foods and beverage during picnic thus a wicker picnic basket is a common view in parks and recreational places.
  • Cost – this is perhaps the biggest factor why baskets made of wicker are still preferred because they are still significantly cheaper than plastic and other types of storage equipment without compromising the look or beauty of such basket.

Cool Dorset Wicker Picnic Basket For The Family Picnic

The only possible disadvantage of a wicker basket is the possibility of dusts accumulating within its layers. However, it is known that ordinary cleaning procedure will take care of the problem thus making it less of the worries. In conclusion, this ordinary basket would still remain as a popular option for families who love outdoor activities or new home owners who are moving in and will remain so for years to come.