4 Cool Ways Of Tying Converse Shoelaces

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There are several ways to tie your shoelaces. The most interesting shoes to tie are the Converse All Stars. These classic shoes are perfect for experimenting with different ways of tying shoelaces. This article will present 4 cool ways of tying Converse shoelaces. Keep in mind that although one way may not work for you; there are still other ideas out there.


Cool Way Of Tying A Black Converse

Different Widths

You can experiment with shoelaces of different widths. Wide shoelaces are really cool, especially if you take the time to make sure they are laced just so to give the optimal effect and if the laces contrast well with the color of your shoes. Wide shoe laces are often printed with all sorts of neat designs and come in a range of colors. And since converse come in a wide variety of colors, the possibilities are virtually endless.


Tying Many Shoelaces

Experimenting with more than one set of shoelaces can be hard at first but once, you get to know how to do it, you can create uniquely tied shoelaces. Thinner, narrow shoelaces allow you to lace two contrasting colors into your shoes at the same time, giving a bolder effect. This is especially cool with Black converse.

  • Lace two sets of shoelaces into your shoes like neon green and neon pink, into a pair of black colored Converse. This will make you stand out in any situation, especially in places where there is bound to be a black light.
  • They then can be tied with two bows, one bow for each color or tied together to make one big explosion of color. This effect is especially striking on the styles that have a black sole and toe instead of the traditional white colored shoes.

Again, the color combinations are endless, both with the laces and the shoes. Let your creativity be your guide.

4 Cool Ways Of Tying Converse Shoelaces

On Heights and Colors

Keep in mind that Converse shoes come in many different heights as well as colors. Calf-height Converse shoelaces can be tied in two ways:

  • Use long shoelaces in contrasting or coordinating colors and wrapped them around a couple of times around your calf, depending on the width of your calf.
  • They can be tied in the back of your calf to give visual interest to the back of your leg.

Ribbons and Laces

One of the 4 cool ways of tying Converse shoelaces is to venture out with other options when tying shoes and not to stick with just shoelaces to tie up your Converse.

  • You can use a length of ribbon or lace to pretty up your pink or other feminine color sneakers if you are in touch with your feminine side.
  • Also, you use a hemp cord for a natural, earthy feel.

These 4 cool ways of tying Converse shoelaces will surely add beauty to your classic Converse shoes.