10 Ways To Wear Converse Shoes

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Do you want to look nice without having to wear fancy shoes? Do you want to mix things up a little? Luckily, Converse shoes are comfortable, fashionable and don’t get ruined easily by bad weather. Whether you are looking for a new way to wear your Converse shoes or wondering what to do with that pair that’s been sitting in your closet for a while, here are 10 ways to wear Converse shoes and to look really good.

Best 10 Ways To Wear Black Converse Shoes

  • Wear the classic jeans and t-shirt. Throw in your favorite pair of jeans and add a comfortable and cute, t-shirt. Accessories are optional.
  • Make it girly. A cute dress paired with converse is a great way to look fashionable. Try a sundress or a maxi dress with a pair of black Converse. You can do a lot of walking comfortably but you will still look really cute.
  • Not feeling girly today? Baggy pants are a great alternative. You could even roll up the cuffs to make your Converse more visible. Add a scarf or beanie to tie the outfit together.
  • If you want an edgier look, wear some leather with your Converse. Try a leather jacket and tight pants. This outfit may look best with hi-top shoes but of course low-tops would also work.
  • Highlight your footwear with a splash of color. Mix your outfit up with brightly colored or patterned Converse. Dark clothes, especially black or grey ones, will help your colored Converse stand out as the centerpiece of your outfit.
  • Hi-tops and skinny jeans are a great look. You can loosen the tongues of your Converse and tuck the bottoms of your skinny jeans into them. Wear this outfit with a cool, loose shirt to balance out the tightness of your jeans.
  • Pair your Converse with a short, tight dress, the kind of dress you might wear clubbing. Out of all of these 10 ways to wear converse shoes, this one is perhaps the most daring but if you have confidence in your outfit and in yourself, you can definitely rock it.
  • Complement your hi-tops with short jean shorts. Add ripped or textured tights and a loose, long-sleeved top for a grungier look.
  • Converse can be classy. Try low-tops in a less conspicuous color, such as black or grey, with fabric shorts or a short skirt. A nice pair of tights can transition this look from summer to fall.
  • Wear it however you want. Go with your fashion instincts and rock your Converse shoes.

Best Ways To Wear Converse Shoes For GIrls Women

So, now that you know the 10 ways to wear Converse shoes, it’s time to try them out. Wear them with confidence and look your best in your Converse.