Converse Heels For A Feminine Look

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Are you looking for a pair of Chucks especially designed for women? The converse heels are largely made and designed for women. They are stylish, sexy, high quality and extremely affordable. However, this is not to say that if you are a man and looking for some heels, you are out of luck. The cowboy boots and Cuban heels are there for you. These boots are popular among the horse riders and are just as stylish and functional as the ones made for the ladies.

Pretty Womens Converse High Heels Violet Sneakers

Popular Types

There is one thing about all converse shoes that makes them irresistible: their versatility. The many styles and designs of converse heels are meant to suit all the needs of different users. Here are some popular types of these classy heels.

  • Stiletto heels

The stilettos are also known as the converse high heels. These heels are slim with a minimum height of 2 inches and a width of less than 0.4 inches. If you want to create an illusion of long slender legs, these heels are the perfect choice. Another advantage is that they make you look taller, a little bit, and make your assets more pronounced.

  • Converse wedge heels

Just as the name suggests, this is the heel that covers the entire space under your foot. The height varies, so you have the options of choosing the most comfortable ones. It is more of a contemporary style rather than a modern one, thus, if you want that contemporary feel, this is the heel for you.

  • Puppy heels

This heel is square and very thick. Its style is ancient, and if you want to feel old again, here is the perfect choice of heel.

  • Spool heels

Just like a spool, this heel is wide at both ends and gets slightly slimmer at the middle. It is a nice style if you want to boost your height a little bit, without being too obvious.

  • Converse sneaker heels

Sneaker heels are arguably the most popular. They are designed in such a way that they allow the wearer to perform a wide range of tasks easily, safely and comfortably. These heels are common in all sneaker converse shoes.

Maintenance of Converse Heels

In addition to preference, you can choose the right heels according to occasion as well as the outfits you are wearing. Make sure that you get them right for than stunning look. How do you ensure that your heels are well maintained and serving you right?

  • Get a few pairs

It is common knowledge that if you overuse your heel, it will wear out very quickly. If you have a few pairs, you can wear them on a rotation basis, allowing each pair some time to breathe. That way, you favorite heel will last longer.

  • Take your shoes for repairs

After you have worn your heels for some time and you realize they are starting to wear out, take them for repairs immediately. Heels can detach from the other part, and all you have to do is visit a cobbler and get it fixed.

  • Store them properly

Invest in a good shoe rack where you can safely store your shoes. In addition, get them polished before putting them away. If they are black converse, choose the right polish according to color, and you will significantly extend the life of your heels.

Get you converse heels today, and let them transform your looks and styles for the better.