Whole Grain Health

5 Ways to Add More Whole Grains to Your Diet

Whole grains are an important addition to your diet. Besides reaping huge health benefits, such as lowering your risk for diseases like diabetes and heart disease, whole grains also help with weight management. Many foods are available that are whole grain or are made with whole grain. To be sure you’re buying whole grain foods, read the ingredients label and look for the words “whole grain” before the listed grain. Also look for the “whole grain stamp” on the box, which the Whole Grain Foods Council provides to foods that meet the standards for whole grain. Choose one (or all) of the following foods to help add more whole grain foods to your diet.


Switch the bread you eat to a whole grain bread. I like Healthy Life Double Fiber Wheatberry with Bulgur Crunch Bread. It is 100% Whole Grain and has a wonderful taste to it. I especially like the bread toasted in the morning with a dab of peanut butter on it. If you have children who don’t like crunch in their bread, check out Healthy Life 100% Whole Grain Whole Wheat Bread as an option for them. Most of us eat bread everyday anyway, either for breakfast or lunch sandwiches, so this is an easy switch to help incorporate more whole grains in your diet.


Another easy switch to help add more whole grain to your diet is to use whole grain pasta. I prefer Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Whole Grain Fettuccine. The pasta has a great taste and texture. I have switched entirely to this brand, and even my picky 4-year-old will eat this pasta without any complaints.


If you enjoy stir fry or rice dishes, switch from white rice to Minute Whole Grain Brown Rice. The rice cooks in 10 minutes and has a great taste. Again, I have completely switched to this kind of rice and my family eats it without any protest.


In my family cereal is a big deal. My husband is quite particular about the cereal he eats, as is my daughter. One option that offers great taste and all the delicious nutrition of whole grains is Honey Kix. This is a newer cereal on the market and has become a huge hit in our house. Give it a try for an instant addition of more whole grains in your diet.

Snack Bars

Instead of a regular granola bar or other snack bar, try a Kashi GOLEAN Chewy Bar. It is naturally sweetened, tastes great, and offers all the health benefits of whole grains. Again, this is an easy switch that will make a noticeable difference in terms of the health benefits you can gain.

Adding more whole grains doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. It simply means making smarter, more informed choices about the foods you eat. Your body will thank you later for the choices you make now.