Top 5 Healthy Snacks High in Iron

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Keeping track of what you eat is no easy task. Especially when a special diet is concerned where certain nutrients are needed to maintain a healthy balanced diet. The place where most start to deter from eating healthy are with snacks. People are certain to be hungry throughout the day and should not have to worry about forgoing a mid-afternoon snack to keep healthy. Here are a few snack ideas that are rich in iron and are great any time of day.

Dried fruits such as apricots, prunes, and raisins are high in iron and are easy to carry throughout the day. Try making a bag full of these mixed in with your favorite nuts, and cereal for a healthy snack mix that is rich in iron.

Beans are another food that is high in iron. Beans can be found in lots of snack foods and even some fast food stores as well. The best way to eat these iron rich beauties is slow simmered with your favorite spices and vegetables. A quick healthy snack at home can simply be refried beans with some tortilla chips topped with cheese and salsa.

Broccoli is also high in iron and can be taken on the road very easily. Kids might like to eat these also with some side dressing. The best way to prepare this healthful snack is steamed or raw.

Whole grains have quite a bit of iron in them. Foods like rice and barley can be made in advance and kept cool until you are ready for a snack. Keeping this on hand ready to go will make not seem like so much of an inconvenience and more a way of eating throughout the day.

Breads and cereals that have been fortified with iron are of course also high in iron. There are numerous cereals out in the market that have been fortified. Just look on the side label on the box in the pantry or next time shopping. It might very surprising which breads and cereals have lots of iron in them. A small bowl of cereal makes a great snack and can be eaten with or without milk.