Types Of Animal Print Dresses

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Fashion trend changes every day. One of the most prominent fashion trends is the animal print dress. In the fashion industry, only a number of patterns could be worn both as casual and dressy. Today if a woman is going out with her boyfriend or husband, an animal print dress will be a stylish and attractive item to wear.

Types of Animal Print Dress

The many types of prints on animal print dresses are very similar to the animal skin that they embody. The following are popular animal prints that are incorporated in dresses and other clothing items.

  • Zebra print dresses – These dresses have alternating long, black and white stripes. If a girl wants to look sexier and top of the latest fashion trend, then zebra print dresses would be the right choice for her. These are one of the most accepted and fashionable animal print dresses nowadays.
  • Giraffe print dresses – Giraffe print includes rectangular, medium-sized spots that are brown in color. For dresses, these spots are printed on beige-colored fabric.
  • Leopard print dresses – Leopard print is considered the most popular animal print. Dresses with leopard prints have small tan and brown spots.
  • Tiger print dresses – Tiger prints are considered to be daring and bold. Dresses with tiger prints have black spots printed on orange-colored fabric.
  • Cow printed dresses – Cow printed dresses have large, black spots printed on a white-colored fabric.
  • Snake printed dresses – These dresses usually use a tan-colored fabric with peculiar but colored spots printed on it.

Different Styles of Animal Print Dresses

Other animal print dresses include prints of peacock, turtle, dalmatians and lizards.

Inexpensive and Fashionable

Animal print dresses are considered as highly fashionable and trendy. In fact, these dresses come in a wide range of different styles and patterns to choose from. Many popular brands are available that also offers inexpensive versions of these dresses making them easily accessible for anyone. The appearances of animal print dress are very special and they can be worn in any kind of occasions, parties or events. Many accessories are also available that can add more features to your dresses. They can help you appear more stylish, elegant and attracts the attention of the peoples around you, especially men.

Animal print dresses would be perfect for an individual who wants to get the attention of others and stands out from the crowd. Any women having a wild side and wants to be in upfront, an animal print dress is an ideal choice.