The Healthy Benefits of Coconut Oil, the Best Natural Diet Aid

Coconut oil has been used in many tropical areas for many years. In those areas, the islanders were almost disease free and literally fat free. In the 40’s, scientists tried to tell everyone that coconut oil was bad for us and that all it would do was clog our arteries and make us fatter. Cows and other livestock were being fed coconut oil since it was thought that it would help to make them fatter. The result was the opposite. The livestock didn’t get fatter, they got more lean. Researchers decided to look more into this oil and found out that it slims instead of fattens. It is one of the best natural diet supplements you can find in the market and very low cost compared to other supplements. It is easy to get, has hardly any side effects (if any at all) and can be used externally too. How much better can it get?


Yes, it is a fat but it is a MCT or medium-chain triglyceride. This means that it makes it easier for your body to absorb and becomes energy instead of having your body store it in fat cells. Even when you try to compare it with low-fat diet foods, it is easier to burn! Animals in one study stored over 50% less fat, compared to animals that were given low-fat foods or foods that have LCT or long-chain triglyceride. Because coconut oil is a MCT, it is turned to energy a lot faster. In turn, your metabolism is geared up to go too. How would you like to get rid of more calories? We all would love that! It can be done. You can eat a couple of tablespoons a day or use it to cook foods. How about a smoothie? Add a half tablespoon of coconut oil before the ice so that it doesn’t clump up in there. A little bit of the tropics that tastes great and is great for you!! Drinking a hot cup of green tea or other herbal tea with a tablespoon of coconut oil at least twice a day is a better thing to drink than coffee. Coffee is found to take a toll on our thyroid too for us cappuccino, latte and au lait lovers. Try to keep away from too much sugar, white flour and other refined carbs and sweeteners too. Using those carbs cab let loose too many of your hormones that store up fat.


The thyroid gland is important for your metabolism. Some oils that contain soy can slow down your thyroid. Coconut oil does the opposite. Because of the MCT’s, the thyroid begins making more thyroid hormone. When your thyroid is working great, your metabolism is going to rev up also. As I mentioned, try to drink less coffee since it messes up your thyroid. You’ll have enough energy from taking coconut oil so you won’t even miss that extra boost from coffee!


I’ve already told you that you can use coconut oil to help your metabolism and lose pounds. Ever use coconut shampoo or conditioner? Guess what’s in there? You got it!! Coconut oil is a very good conditioner. Put it on after your normal shampoo. You can either rinse it out after a couple of minutes like any other conditioner or leave it in to keep your hair looking great. It helps me with those fly away hairs. Got a yeast infection? Use coconut oil instead of some other over-the-counter product. It helps as an antimicrobial and antiviral agent. Got zits? The fatty acids in coconut oil helps to break down sebum and helps with breaking out. I have normally oily skin and was breaking out all of a sudden. I tried it on my face and it is clearing up without being flaky or overly dry. No body lotion? Coconut oil absorbs into your skin pretty easily and is a lot cheaper than most lotions out there. Not mention that you smell like you’re at the beach! My great-grandmother used to make her own coconut oil that was only used to massage us when we had an ache or pain so I always thought that coconut oil was only for that. Boy, was I wrong!! We were recently taught by researchers that using olive oil was the best for lowering cholesterol levels. Well, coconut oil is even better for that. It can lower your levels by at least 13%. Olive oil lowers your cholesterol by a little over 4%.


Get some coconut oil pronto!! It is best to use virgin coconut oil. My brother buys it from the health food store but I get it at the department store. It’s a long process to make your own coconut oil so I advise you to purchase it instead. It is sold on-line as well. I’ve seen it on E-bay in capsule form. I prefer the liquid/solid version versus the capsule form because there are so many uses for the oil. Try using it externally first if you have any reserves about taking it internally. It takes a little getting used to but in the long run it is good for you.