Ten Tips for Preventative Health Care for Men

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They say that prevention is the best medicine. Indeed, it is better to prevent health problems than to have to deal with them once they exist. Sometimes it can be difficult to practice preventative health care, but there are some general tips for men that intend to prevent health problems. I list ten of these below.

Preventative Health Care Tip For Men #1 – Exercise
Aerobic exercise is one of the best ways for men to prevent conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. If you want to prevent health problems in the long term, doing aerobic exercise regularly is probably the most useful thing you can do for yourself and your body.

Preventative Health Care Tip For Men #2 – Eat Moderately
Few men can truly afford to overeat. Unless you are very active on a daily basis, you need to be careful of your caloric intake. Likewise, make sure that the foods you eat are healthy, even if they fall below your caloric limit. Try to replace fatty foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. A good diet is an important component of a preventative health care plan.

Preventative Health Care Tip For Men #3 – Drink Moderately

Research has shown that a glass of beer or wine every day can provide health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterols. However, drinking in excess is not advisable, and can cause cirrhosis. Practice preventative health care by limiting your alcohol intake to reasonable levels.

Preventative Health Care Tip For Men #4 – Make Regular Doctor’s Visits
Even if you feel fine, part of preventative health care is going to the doctor on a regular basis. Once or twice a year should be fine for most men. A doctor’s visit could detect problems such as an arrhythmia or an enlarged prostate. Preventative health care includes detecting problems early on.

Preventative Health Care Tip For Men #5 – Go to the Dentist

Many men do not realize that having poor dental hygiene has been linked to having poor cardiovascular health. This is thought to be due to there being common lymph structures between the mouth and chest. Practice preventative health care by going to the dentist regularly, as well as brushing and flossing your teeth.

Preventative Health Care Tip For Men #6 – Know Your Family History And Act Accordingly
Knowing your family history is an important part of preventative health care. For example, if you know that your family has a history of high cholesterol and heart disease, you can modify your diet so that you can prevent or reduce the effects of genetics. As the saying goes, knowledge is power.

Preventative Health Care Tip For Men #7 – Avoid Carcinogens
Part of preventative health care is reducing your risk of developing certain diseases. Carcinogens are substances that increase your risk of developing cancer. Reduce your risk of developing cancer by not smoking and by not eating foods with trans fats in them.

Preventative Health Care Tip For Men #8 – Perform Testicular Self-Examinations
Know the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer, and perform routine self-examinations. This can allow you to detect any changes early on, which can help prevent any problems from worsening.

Preventative Health Care Tip For Men #9 – Don’t Have Unprotected Sex
Having unprotected sex is extremely risky from a health perspective. Part of preventative health care is using a barrier form of protection while having sex. Unless you know and trust your partner, know both your sexual health status and your partner’s, and are in a long-term relationship, use protection every time you had sex. This is a simple form of preventative health care that can prevent you from having undesirable health problems.

Preventative Health Care Tip For Men #10 – Don’t Try to Be “Macho”
Machismo is probably one of the leading causes of easily prevented injuries to men. No man is “too tough” to do things like wear sunscreen or drink water while drinking. Be reasonable and rational. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid health problems and practice preventative health care.

If you are a man interested in preventative health care, follow the above tips to help avoid sickness, disease, and injury. If you have any further tips regarding preventative health care for men, or any anecdotes about men’s preventative health care, please feel free to leave your suggestions and experiences in the form of a comment. Thank you for reading!