Special Picnic Treats- Desserts You Can Pack

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As cliché as it may sound but many people believe that dessert does not go into the stomach, it goes directly to the heart. This is very much true. No matter how much we have eaten and feel full, there is always a place for the dessert. Dessert always has an ambrosial effect on our moods. The beautiful white little cubes which we call ‘Sugar’ have a very miraculous reflex on our lives. These cubes are the raw material for almost all kinds of desserts in all the corners of the world.

Desserts are not only a vital part of special events but our daily life is also tasteless without them. They bring flavor to our boring days. Not only the parties and gatherings but picnics are never complete if you do not pack enough dessert with you. For different events we can have millions of options to choose our sweets from but when it comes to picnics one has to be very specific while choosing the correct options. Those dishes should be preferred that need ingredients which are not very hard to find, which do not consume much time while their preparation and which can be easily packed and stored for days or even weeks.

Choosing right sweet-course to take on excursion is a very challenging job especially for moms because not only they have to focus on the taste but they have to make sure that all the ingredients are healthy and hygienic at the same place. Here’s a list of some delicious and mouthwatering desserts that are not only easy to prepare but yummy as well.

Chocolate chip-pretzel Bars

These divine chocolate bars are heavenly delicious. They are special in a way that they are a mixture of candy and cookies. The ingredients used to make these bars are easily available at home. They can be made within minutes and then they can be packed and stored for weeks. Not only this, flavors for topping can be added according to the taste.

Persian Rice Cookies (Naan Berenji)

These appetizing rice cookies are famous in almost all the cultures of the world because they are easy to make and luscious all at once. These light and crispy cookies contain nothing but rice flour, eggs, sugar and butter. They are so light that they almost melt in the mouth give a sweet and light feeling. This treat has its origin in Persia but it has become very famous in South Asia and Europe as well.

Panna Cotta

Talking about full-flavored desserts without mentioning Italian cuisine is just not possible. Italy is very famous for delicious food and the desserts made there are simple divine. One of the desserts that can be perfect for picnics is Panna Cotta. It is a custard which can be prepared within minutes but the effects that it can put in your mouth can be life lasting. Flavors can be used according to the wish but red ripe fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, or sweet cherries always make it more piquant. All you need is to have heavy cream and gelatin at home and you can make this beauty within minutes.

Gulab jamun & Rasgulla

These saccharine cute little balls have their origin in South-Asia, especially in India and Pakistan. In these countries no event can be intact without this cuisine. This sweet meat is a mandatory part of all the cultural events and traditions in Asia. No doubt it’s an Asian recipe but because of the glorious taste and easy recipe they are popular in many other parts of the world as well. The dough is made with few easily-available ingredients, then it is converted in to small balls before frying and finally the balls are dipped into thick sugary syrup. They can create sweet waves on picnics. Since they are very easy to pack you can carry them with you on trips and eat them for weeks.

Danish pastry

This sweetened multi layered pastry is a very special snack for many traditions of the world. It is made by making different layers of the dough and adding different flavors. A very light and sweet snack that you can carry anywhere and store for days and weeks. Danish pastries were exported by immigrants to the America but now a days they are famous in all over the world. In different cultures of the world they are baked by using different types of dry fruits which give them specific aromas.


Hot and crispy doughnut or simply donut is a fried dough made in different shapes and flavors. Picnics are without any doubt undone without doughnuts and mothers know this fact very well that’s why they never forget to put them in the picnic baskets. They look complicated but they are not as difficult to make as their appearance shows. Variety of toppings and fillings are used to make them even more colorful and nectarous. Even when you do not have anything available for picnic, you can quickly fry some donuts, serve them with coffee and make your time heaven.

Chocolate Brownie

Nothing can satisfy your chocolate cravings more than darling brownies. This spectacular mouthwatering beauty is a mixture of cake and chocolate fudge. It comes in square shape and is served with different toppings. Delicious gooey chocolate brownies are something that nobody can say ‘No’ for. They can be used for days. You can simply store them in fridge after baking them and then carry them to your excursion whenever you want.