Kid Friendly Picnics That Adults Will Love as Well

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Spring and summer are a time for fun and gaiety. What better way to enjoy this beautiful weather, besides spending some quality time with your near and dear ones out in the sun? So, whether it’s organizing a picnic for the entire family, including relatives, or are just to bond with the significant other and kids, here are some brilliant ideas.

Set a Date & Time That Goes With The Different Schedules

Pick a date and time that is suitable for kids and the parents so that the elder ones could reply to their emails and the younger ones would complete their homework on time. Also, the attendants will be in a better mood if they didn’t have to cancel any plans for this picnic. It’s all about not messing up the different schedules and fitting in the picnic so that there’s a sense of peace in the picnic for both the adults and kids.

Daytime is perfect if we want to enjoy the sun, but if the heat seems to be too much then the cooler evenings can be a good way to go too. The choice of time depends heavily on the place that has been decided upon and the type of picnic we want. If it’s an outdoor movie night or a bonfire, then obviously, night time is preferable. But for a day at the beach or a cookout session in the park, day time would be ideal.

Pick A Mutually Enjoyable Spot

The beach, a park, a field- all are great possible venues for the perfect picnic; the trick is to pick a spot where both, the adults and the kids, can have a great time. If it’s a smaller gathering, then camping out in our  own backyard or roughing it out in a trailer can be a wonderful idea too.

Finalize the Guest List

Whether a guest list comprises of just two people or fifty, we need to make sure that we have a clear idea of the number of attendants, and that all are informed timely. Inviting one or two of our kids’ best friends to the picnic surely brightens their day up. The larger the group, the sooner the invitations need to be sent out. Also, this makes it easier for us to plan activities for all and prepare food that everyone will like. This way we will also have a clearer idea about the quantity of food we require so that there are the minimum possible leftovers or wasted food.

For larger groups, it is a good idea to divide the workload so that everyone can enjoy equally. Splitting the responsibilities or asking everyone to prepare a dish can ensure no single person has to bear the brunt of all the preparations and responsibilities.

Food and Drinks For The Old and Young

It is important to remember that a picnic is supposed to be a fun time for everyone. So, keep it simple and as low maintenance as possible. Finger foods are always a good idea. Cookouts or barbecues can also be a great alternative. Foods  that are easy for adults are the best items to include and for the younger members, fast foods works. (And it’s okay to have it once a while)

Make sure that the menu has something to offer for everyone. Some ideas are compiled below.

Food items such as tacos, burgers, tortillas, corn on the cob andhotdogs are a hit among all age groups. In the case of wraps and sandwiches, it is better to just prepare the ingredients, instead of actually assembling it all. Set up a sandwich and wrap station where everyone can assemble their food according to whatever fancies their taste buds. This way accidents caused due to allergic reactions can also be avoided.

For BBQs or a cookout, bring along the meat in a cooler filled with ice. Chunks of ice last longer than ice cubes. Also, a fully filled freezer will take longer to lose its cool as compared to a partially filled cooler. It is better to freeze the meat prior to packing. You might be tempted to partially cook the food beforehand to save time at the picnic, but that can make the meat go bad quicker.

Pack the condiments and dips etc. in mason jars. You can serve them in the jars themselves or use a muffin tray to keep them all neatly in one place.

Prepare and serve drinks and refreshing cocktails in mason jars. They not only look cute but are also extremely handy. The range of sizes available gives you a lot of freedom too while deciding on portion sizes.

Don’t forget to include munchable items in your menu, like popcorn. Crisps, nachos etc. A candy bar or marshmallows for the bonfire are a must-have to allow everyone indulge in their sweet cravings

Popular dessert items include brownies, cupcakes, pies (these too can be prepared and served in mason jars) and ice cream.

It is advisable to ditch the mayonnaise or the cream based items as they have a higher chance of going bad in the heat.


We want to make sure that there is plenty to do for everyone at the picnic. Whether it’s the young ones or the young at heart, plan some activities for all age groups.

  • Hula Hoop
  • Frisbee
  • Soccer
  • Races- Sack, Egg and Spoon etc.
  • Hopscotch
  • Ball Toss
  • Hike
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Family Trivia
  • Jump Rope
  • Tug of War
  • Water balloons/ squirt guns
  • Corn hole
  • Ball and catcher’s mitt
  • Board games
  • Outdoor movie night

Keep it Hassle and Stress-Free

To make sure that our picnic goes ahead without any hiccups, it is best to plan ahead and to pack all the necessities. Other than the food, drinks, and supplies for the activities we have planned; packing utensils such as forks, spoons, and plates for the group might come in handy.

Pro tip- Pack things in reverse order. In other words, the things that we will need first, for example, the picnic blanket or throw, should be at the top of the packing.

Nothing kills the buzz, like unforeseen accidents. We should make sure we are prepared for any complications occurring at our picnic. With kids in the outdoor, there are bound to be a few scrapped knees or other minor injuries; a simple solution is to keep the first aid kit at hand.

Do not forget the sunscreen and the insect repellent. As we don’t want the sun or the insects ruining the picnic. We’ll be glad for it the next day.

There is a good chance of some food being spilled or a mess being made. It’s best to prepare in advance and keep plenty of napkins, hand sanitizers – also garbage bags. Enjoy your happy day!