Snuza Trio Plus Baby Monitor System

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Snuza Trio Plus Baby Monitor SystemWhat scares most new parents is whether or not their infant will continue breathing once they have headed to bed, a common fear that every new parent experiences, due to the rise in SIDS over the years. The first night home can be difficult and new parents will find themselves constantly checking on the wellbeing of their new bundle of joy, even if the baby is sound asleep. Because of this, video monitors have made a huge splash in the baby industry. But unfortunately, not all systems are created equal. Fortunately, this Snuza system has a reputation for dependability, durability and an excellent viewing experience, all at a more affordable price.

The Snuza trio plus baby monitor will allow parents to simply glance at the handheld video display to in order to view how their child is doing, without the need to enter the nursery. This dependable video baby monitoring system includes the parent device, camera unit and the hero baby movement monitor. Most consumers can agree that the Hero monitor is the main reason they chose this innovative system.

A video monitor system will be an important piece of gear during your child’s first two years of life. Not only does this type of system allow mom and dad to rest easier at night, but the wide range of features allows you to soothe your child without entering the room. The lullaby feature is a parent favorite and definitely a must-have for restless newborns.

A Closer look at This System

This three piece handy set covers all of the bases when it comes to infant safety. The parent can slide the Snuza hero monitor onto the baby’s diaper and this device will vibrate against the baby in order to encourage both breathing and movement. Vibration occurs for a period of fifteen seconds if no movement is detected for five seconds. If there is still no movement after fifteen seconds the alarm will go off. Usually, this vibration is enough to rouse a sleeping baby, encouraging them to move. What is truly impressive is that there are three different vibration settings which parents can adjust. The use of the Hero alert monitor is totally optional. If parents get tired of dealing with false alerts they can simply shut this component off and rely solely on the video and audio features.

Aside from the hero portion of the monitor set, the video and audio features are also considered very impressive. This system includes clear night vision, allowing you to see your baby even in the darkest room. Once a light goes out, the monitor can also switch back quickly to color. This monitor is compact and can be clipped to a waistband in order to easily carry it around wherever you go.

Should your little one begin to cry, you will be able to play one of three songs from the monitor that’s clipped to your belt. The sound quality is very good. Most consumers did not note any type of interference and they didn’t have to strain to pick up the sounds of their child crying.

The system’s video camera is easy to use and compact, however, there’s no way for the device to be attached to the crib or the wall unless you get a little creative. The inclusion of wall mounting capabilities would be a good improvement for this model, giving parents the ability to see their sleeping infant at a more optimal viewing angle.

The display screen measures in at three and a half inches and allows you to view all areas of the bedroom, thanks to the pan, tilt and zoom features.

On cold or hot nights you can keep an eye on the temperature of your child’s room, thanks to the built-in temperature sensor. This reading is displayed on the parent unit and will send out an alert once the room temperature has exceeded the set comfort zone parameters.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The Hero system is an important component for new parents who want to closely monitor their infant during the night. The night vision works well and allows you to get a clear view of your child anytime of the day or night, in a very detailed manner. System setup is super easy, just plug in, charge and sync the camera. Options for camera expansion are also possible with this model. This ability allows parents to use additional cameras in other rooms of the home, preventing the need to move the camera from room to room. Additional cameras are sold separately. Parents were impressed with the lullaby feature that allowed them to control and play music via the parent unit.

Cons: Some consumers reported that the Hero monitor set off a number of false alerts, an issue which can be very alarming for any parent. Fortunately, you can adjust the vibration alerts on this system in order to reduce the amount of false alerts you’ll experience. As we have mentioned, mounting capabilities for this set is somewhat limited, but it’s still manageable with a little handy work. Some parents would like to see more lullabies and white noise options on future models.

What Consumers Had to Say

Consumers gave this model a rating of five out of five stars, making this one of our top selling products. Parents loved the added peace of mind the Hero monitor offers, not to mention the crystal clear night vision viewing capabilities and the reasonable pricing for this system. Consumers found the parent unit easy to navigate and the settings simple to adjust. Some consumers had complaints regarding the sensitivity of the Hero component, stating that little noises tended to set the device off, which can be pretty unsettling for new parents.

Overall, this system is smart and dependable and it will definitely help new and seasoned parents to feel more at ease during the night, making it definitely worth the price. With a few adjustments, parents can prevent false Hero monitor alerts and rest easy knowing their child is safe and sound.

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