Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

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We all want to improve our health. We also all live busy lives. Sometimes these busy lives make it seem impossible to make the changes we need to become healthy, fitter and happier. However, there are simple ways we can all improve our health.

Improvement #1 Drink more water

Sounds simple enough to do. However, most of us are not drinking as much water as we should. We all should strive for eight glasses a day. A simple way to incorporate more water into our lives is learning to carry water with us. Buy bottled water or better yet, buy your own specialized water bottles and keep filling them up with water. Keep water at your desk at work. Carry water with you as you drive car pool. Take a glass of water to bed with you. Make water a constant companion.

Improvement #2 Women, lessen the load you carry

Give your backs and shoulders a break. You can do this by cleaning out your purses and taking out the items you don’t need. Most women are putting constant pressure onto their shoulders and backs from those purses that are filled with everything but the kitchen sink.

Improvement #3 Sit up straighter

Teaching yourself better posture can keep you from feeling as tired and lead to healthier backs.

Improvement #4 Skip the elevator

Take the stairs when you can. Park in a parking place a little further from your destination. Do what you can do add more walking to your day. Walking is a great and easy exercise. Remember the goal is 10,000 steps a day.

Improvement #5 Add dairy to your diet

Fight osteoporosis by adding dairy to your diet. If you can’t drink or eat much dairy, add those calcium pills.

Improvement #6 Take a daily multivitamin

Yes, it is more beneficial to just eat healthy. You know the drill. Eat those vegetables. Eat those fruits. Add dairy and breads to your diet. Eat the protein for energy. However, it can be hard to eat a daily balance of these good foods everyday. Multivitamins can help make sure we have an adequate supply of those vitamins and minerals we need each and every day.

Improvement #7 Add sunscreen to your morning routine

The sun can be dangerous to our skin. It can age us. It can cause our skin to feel dry. It can cause our skin to burn and become sore. Most of all, the sun can cause skin cancer. Learn to apply some sunscreen everyday, even on cloudy days.

Improvement #8 Never say the word diet again

If you have weight you want to lose, you may also be trying this diet or that diet. Skip the diets. They generally do not work and when they do, they only work on a temporary basis. Instead of dieting, learn to eat smaller portions and learn to eat more often throughout the day. This keeps you from feeling hungry and will actually help you lose weight. Another tip, eat off smaller plates. Then your servings look bigger.

Improvement #9 Go to bed earlier

Try going to bed every night at least ten minutes earlier. Keep this routine up until you manage to get your eight hours of sleep a night. Remember we need sleep for energy.

Improvement #10 Take time for yourself

Everyday try to find a few minutes just for yourself, even if it is only ten minutes. Use these minutes to relax. Do a yoga stretch. Take a hot bath. Do nothing but close your eyes.

Better health can start today. All it takes is one small change at a time.