Precise Heat Surgical Stainless Steel Oil Core Skillet

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precise-heat-surgical-stainless-steel-oil-core-skilletThis surgical stainless steel oil core skillet by Precise Heat is one of their top selling products and has a reputation for durability and quality. The three layer exterior is sturdy and easy to clean, while the equipped knobs and handles utilize stay cool technology, so every dish is easy to handle, right off the stove. This model comes with a liquid oil core which has been sealed between two layers of heavy-duty stainless steel.

Electric skillets are designed to make cooking or reheating meals much easier, so why not choose a model that delivers that and much more? Depending on the size of your family and the type of meals you enjoy cooking, a skillet can turn out to be a real asset in the kitchen.

The beautiful, bold exterior is what initially catches the eye with this skillet by Precise Heat. A complement to any kitchen, this pan can be the perfect solution when hosting a dinner party or even cooking a small meal for two.

Of course, one of the major issues with any model of electric skillet is the clean-up process. Most models cannot be fully submerged in water, for obvious reasons, but the skillet’s non-stick surface is supposed to cut down on cleaning time, but only if the consumer follows through with proper care and maintenance.

Specs and Features

Described as practical, low maintenance and a pleasure to cook with, this skillet features even heat distribution, which ensures that each dish is cooked quickly and efficiently.

Maintenance is fairly simply, just wash in warm soapy water in order to remove oil residue.

Due to the oil core technology used, the skillet heats up very quickly. This model comes with a low dome lid and an exterior that measures in at 12 ¼ inch and an interior that measures in at eleven inches. The skillet gives you the ability to cook your favorite foods without adding fatty oils, thanks to the oil core design. Powered with 1300 watts at 12 volts, this model packs a lot of power and is large enough to cook your main course.

With this type of power it’s kind of a disappointment and a surprise that so many users noted the difficulty they had in getting their pan hot enough to cook certain dishes. Is this simply a matter of a few defective models or something more?

Pros and Cons

Pros: Large, practical and durable, not only does it provide even heat distribution, without hot spot surfaces, but it gets hot enough to sear meats. Reheating dishes is also a breeze, simply switch the setting to low. Should you run into any issues during use, this model is covered by a five year product warranty. The sleek compact design allows for easy storage and transportation. The sturdy, classic design will stand out in any kitchen. Designed with portability in mind, you can easily stow or transport this model. Consumers new to oil core technology were impressed with the even heat distribution and overall flexibility of this pan.

Cons: Some consumers had major issues with this model. To start, getting this skillet clean takes a lot of elbow grease, especially considering you can’t use steel wool on the surface. Clean up requires using a mixture of warm water and baking soda, heating the mixture in the pan on the stove in order to remove stuck on food and allowing it to cool before using a sponge and mild soap to clean.

One consumer, who ran into numerous issues cooking with this pan did a little experimenting in order to figure out why it was taking so long to cook certain meals in this skillet. Adding water, they set the temp to 250 degrees and while the pan remained on for thirty minutes, the water never boiled, with the water temp never getting higher than a mere 150 degrees. When turning the pan on the highest setting, the temp didn’t climb higher than 350 degrees. In fact, cooking certain foods, such as meats can turn out to be a real disaster. Cooking times are considerably longer, for a result that leaves meat dried out.

While longer cooking times and poor results can be frustrating, the fact that using this skillet can be potentially dangerous is much more alarming. Many consumers reported a significant flaw in the pan’s design, stating that the steam control switch is located on the handle of the lid and very loose. When you pick up the lid when in use, you can burn your hand. So much for the stay cool technology which is a major selling point for this model. Another issue is the placement of the heat control knob, which is located under the side handle. This makes it very hard to read the cooking temperatures due to the poor location and small print. Once you are finished cooking, you’ll need to be careful moving the pan because the internal oil remains hot for several minutes after it has been unplugged. Another consumer was very frustrated with the fact that everything they cooked in this pan seemed to stick to the bottom, resulting in burned food and a cleaning nightmare.

Conclusion and Rating

Many consumers ended up returning this model, due to the poorly placed temperature indicator, which often left users guessing what temperature they were actually cooking at, the defective stay cool lid and knobs that don’t actually stay cool and the skillet’s inability to get hot enough to cook meats or even boil water. Love it or leave it, most can agree that there are better models out there, especially in this price range. While most consumers can agree that it’s a beautiful skillet, the lack of versatility, usability and overall functionality makes this product more of a hindrance than a help in the kitchen.

Consumers who purchased this skillet gave it a rating of three out of five stars for the classic look, solid design and affordable pricing.

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