Personal Story: How I Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

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More and more people are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle, myself included. As a society today, we tend to eat more fast food or processed foods and many of us work more sedentary jobs than our ancestors. This combined with other social changes and commodities lead to less healthy people.

Diet- Eating Healthy and Eating Less

A diet does not have to be all about calorie restriction, especially if you are not overweight. However, even people of a normal weight need to be aware of what they eat, consume a healthy diet and be sure to take in healthy portion sizes. One of my worst dieting habits was skipping breakfast. I just don’t feel like eating when I first get up. So I adjusted by consuming breakfast shakes, meal bars or a small, light breakfast. Even a piece of fruit is better than skipping it altogether. This gives me the energy I need to start my morning off right and helps me maintain normal portion sizes at later meals.

Exercise- Walking, Jogging and Coaching Kids’ Sports

Some people don’t like exercise. I’ve never been one to mind it but instead of hitting the gym and a bunch of workout equipment, I always preferred my own natural methods of exercise blended in with the things I do anyway. If you find it difficult to exercise to a specific routine or regime, you might try what I do. For example, I walk every day at least once, sometimes more, with my husband. It’s a great way for us to get out of the house, away from the kids and just chat.

I also like to job/run and have been a runner since middle school. This is when I get my alone time to clear my head, enjoy the scenery, reflect on the day or just enjoy some music while I get some physical exercise.

I am also a youth sports coach and running and keeping up with my kids and the kids I coach is a great way to get regular exercise that keeps me healthy. Other small ways I get exercise each day is to go up and down the stairs in my home as often as possible. Instead of taking everything I need up in one trip, I go ahead and take a couple trips for the extra exercise. I move around a lot doing house chores and I don’t worry if I don’t get the closest parking spot at the store. These are just little ways of getting more physical activity in my day.

Mental Health- Manage Stress and Think Positive

Another important part of leading a healthy lifestyle is to keep healthy mentally. While you cannot always make the stress in your life go away, there are ways to reduce it and also ways to change how you manage it and how you allow it to affect you. Don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it.

Thinking positive will make you feel better each day. No matter what happens, try to look on the bright side of things and surround yourself with positive people to help you maintain your own positivity. It will work wonders for your mental health.

This is how I lead a healthy lifestyle. What about you?