A Question of Health

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Food Additives and Diseases

I must be honest, I am not a scientist, nor am I a researcher into heath and food issues, but I have had this question running around inside my head for a long time.

Is it conceivable, possible, or perhaps probable that the additives introduced into our food chain may be causing ADHD, Autism, or other diseases that certainly are higher in reported incidence that they were decades ago.

I know that the food and chemical industries will IMMEDIATELY dismiss the question as the ramblings of some unintelligent, uneducated, and “Green” nutcase.

It does seem to me however, the the addition of additives, coloring, hormones, and other items into our food chain must of necessity have SOME impact.

I understand that preservatives do not need to undergo “Clinical Trials” to determine side effect or illness or damages that may be caused to the human body. Since they are not drugs, they need not have that degree of review.

I understand that the giving growth homones to livestock, and fowl destined for the food chain is also unregulated. But, I wonder.

I wonder if the BHA, BHT, growth hormones, added corn sugars, chemicals, food coloring, and the treatments used on produce to make it “ripen”–or at least give the appearance of ripened produce, if these thing may impact our health. Particularly I am concerned about the health of children.

All the processes that our foods go through–are they having a health impact? Has anyone studied the effects of years worth of ingestion of BHA, BHT, Red # 2 or whatever, the meat from our beef that is artificially altered by growth hormones?

Is it worth looking into?