Make healthy snacks to take to work

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Who doesn’t love to snack? It makes us feel good and it gives us energy. The problem, though, is that most snacks are high in calories, fat, and contain many other unhealthy ingredients. Plus, since they usually don’t fill us up or give us the energy we’re looking for, we eat more of them, and ultimately pack on the pounds.

But there is help!

In recent years, many food manufacturers have developed Healthy Snacks that taste just as good as the regular kind! These Healthy Snacks are lower in calories than traditional snacks, have less fat, and contain more healthy ingredients, such as fiber, soy, and many essential vitamins and minerals. The addition of these supers ingredients makes these snacks healthy and also more satisfying. In turn these healthy snacks keep our cravings down and prevent excessive hunger that may lead to overeating.

Despite, the plethora of choices, though, healthy snacks tend to be more expensive than regular snacks and there are view places where you can get objective reviews of healthy snacks.

Make your own for a fraction of the cost. We have added a few delicious recipes below for you to try.

Oat Bran Flapjack with Coconut and Sunflower Seeds

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