Macaroni Cheese: Healthy Side Dishes

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Macaroni cheese (also known as macaroni and cheese by our friends across The Pond in America) is a tasty British comfort food comprising macaroni, milk, butter, flour, mustard powder and mature English Cheddar cheese, enjoyed by young and old alike. It is a rich dish that does not need any side dishes swimming in heavy sauces, creams or other ingredients. There are many simple, tasty, yet healthy, side dishes that would go well with macaroni cheese. Here are just a few.

Steamed Runner Beans and Courgette

Steamed vegetables retain most of their nutrients, as they have been cooked quickly in a minimal amount of water, rather than drowned in boiling water. Top and tail runner beans and slice some courgettes into rounds and then steam for a few minutes until just done.

Spinach Salad

Serve macaroni cheese with a simple spinach salad, topped with toasted walnuts or almonds. You can also serve other greens such as shredded cabbage, iceberg lettuce and red cabbage for an extra splash of colour.

Sweet Peas and Carrots with Honey Glaze

Sweet peas straight out of the garden go well with many dishes, including macaroni cheese. Cook sweet peas and carrots until just done and then drizzle with honey, while still hot. Let the vegetables stand for a few minutes, to allow the honey to be absorbed, and top it off with nutmeg or cinnamon and a sprig of fresh mint for decoration.

Flageolet Beans with Tomatoes

Flageolet beans have a delicious nutty taste. Cook up a batch of flageolet beans (or use a can of precooked flageolet beans) and combine with finely chopped onion and a can of tomatoes. If you cannot find flageolet beans, substitute with haricot beans or cannellini beans.

Macaroni cheese is a hearty meal that will satisfy you at any time of the day. But if you are looking for healthy side dishes, start off with steamed runner beans and courgette, for a quick, simple side dish. Or combine sweet peas with carrots and make your very own honey glaze. Another healthy side dish to macaroni cheese is flageolet beans served with tomatoes.