How Your Family Can Stay Fit Healthy

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Family Bonding on a Healthier Level

What great way to stay lean and healthy as a family but this summer time! Our busy schedules and hectic lifestyle have spawn unhealthy living habits that start at the very center of our homes. Instead of getting physically active out there, families today have evolved their lives around their TV and couch. Gone were the days when the family go out for a camping trip or a nice fun run. Is there still hope?

Physical fitness is very important as it keeps your body moving, improving your overall stamina, flexibility and strength. Having a sedentary lifestyle exposes you to the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or high blood pressure – not to mention obesity. Being inactive for a long period of time can really do damage to your body and mind. Experts suggest that even 30 minutes of physical activity during the day can improve your health and it doesn’t have to mean costly visits to the gym.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy as a Family

  1. Find an Activity that You’ll All Love

The biggest challenge here is to have a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy, from kids to adults. This summer, you can book your schedule for swimming, sailing, camping, hiking, or joining a fun run. Anything that keeps you moving!

  1. Give Your Home a DIY

Involve your kids in a makeover of your home this summer by assigning them fun and easy-to-do household chores. You may try redecorating your home or arranging your lawn.

  1. Go Outdoors

Nothing beats a great time outdoors, where even a 30-minute walk can do wonders. You and your family need fresh air and sunshine that will keep you motivated to get physical. Just make sure you have enough sun protection and that you take all precautions against heat stroke and dehydration.

  1. Put a Limit

There’s nothing wrong with spending time in front of the PC or the TV, just make sure you have more time getting physical out there. Ideal time would be a maximum of two hours a day spent on these.

  1. Keep It Fun

Sometimes, boredom can get in the way of getting fit and that’s why it is important to talk to your family on the activities you would all love doing. By having variety, you all get motivated to stay active, as well as helping you make a stronger family bonding time.

Getting fit is just one side of the fitness story. You need to maintain your healthy choices by eating the right foods and having a healthy lifestyle too. As parents, being a role model to your children will count a lot in how they will value a healthy living in the long run. Have Fun!