How to Make Video Games: Bringing Your Ideas to Life

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Every video game offers a synergy that makes it unique. Creating the game’s synergy will take a significant amount of knowledge regarding technical know-how, in addition to a sense of art and design. The basic sequence of how to make video games will include coming up with an idea for a game, creating storyboards for the back story, listing the details of the game and, lastly, putting all of the concepts together into a design document.

The First Step for How to Make Video Games

How to Make Video GamesHow to make video games will begin with an idea. You will need to brainstorm in order to come up with a good game idea. You need one that is loosely based on a story. You will then need to come up with the goal of the game and ask yourself, “What would the characters do?” You can get story ideas from other games, movies, or even comic books. You basically just need to let your imagination drive you.

One of the most essential steps for how to make video games is called storyboarding. It is one of the best ways to see your game develop and it involves the creation of a sequence of drawings that show the different goals, levels and scenes. Storyboarding typically has a number of frames, each of which will represent a different level that you play.

After you have created your storyboards, you can focus on the details of the game design. This is where making video games begin to get complicated. You will need to think about every possible detail and write about it. Include an outline and design for every minor and major character, determine who the villains are and why, and you will also need to figure out the structure and rules that will be involved. Other aspects that you must consider include: the types of weapons the characters will use, is it a multiple player game, is there a soundtrack, what is the main character’s personality like, and how many enemies does the lead character need to fight? The key will be to create the goals, laws, rules, and characters of the game with as much detail as possible.

The Importance of the Game’s Background

How to Make Video Games 2Once you have the details of the game written down and the storyboards completed, your next step will be to create a design document. The document’s purpose is to record all of your ideas in a format that is similar to a screenplay. The result of the design document is that your video game world will become more vivid. You will also use the design document throughout the entire design process, for reference, which will also help you to keep the ultimate story straight and keep you on track. Finding members for your team will be part of the next essential step in this process. Other key players will include designers, programmers, animators, and production assistants.

How to Make Your First Game a Success

If you desire to make video games, you are a highly ambitious person with a lot of passion. This is an exciting art that can be very rewarding if done right. That being said, there are many things you can actually apply to your work to help make your very first one a great success. Here are some tips to help you build an incredible masterpiece.

Remember That It Should, Above All, Be a Fun Game to Play

More than anything, you have to remember that this is a game. If you are so focused on the plot, the story, the characters, and everything else, you may actually miss out on the important fact that this has to be very fun to play. It is definitely important and smart to have a great storyline going as your users play.

However, the game play should be your main focus. You do not want to undermine your chance of success by getting caught up in tiny details like what the characters look like and going too deep into the story. Now, that does not go to say that these are not important aspects of the creation process, because they are. Just remember that the main goal is to make the experience fun.

The play should be the best part about it. Keep that in mind when you design, so you do not set yourself up for failure.

You Should Test Play the Game Countless Times First

Test Play the GameIn all honesty, you should test play your game so much before anyone else plays it that you are completely sick of it. When designing, it is so important that you know all of the ins and outs of the program you are building. This means you will spend countless hours, perhaps even more than you spent on the actual design process, playing it and testing out different features to make sure they function properly.

Also, on that note, it is a good idea to start the testing process incredibly early. As soon as the designing begins, you should be playing the game yourself. Test play early and as often as possible to ensure the most success possible when you are done creating.

Remember There Is a Broad Audience out There Who Enjoys Games

Somehow, many people believe the lie that only kids play games. This has never been true. There is a very broad audience that is interested in playing, from young children to those who are between 30 and 40. That being said, you can choose to either target a certain age group, or you can build something that is great for everyone to play.

The best designers in the world have the ability to make a game and build a storyline that not only applies to every age group, but that is also fun for them.

Designing Is Fun!

Our last tip is to remember to have fun. This is a hobby or career that is a lot of fun. Pull out your computer and software today and start creating something special for you and for other gamers.