Game Design Software Programs for Beginners and Pros

Video game design is complicated, however, with the help of an easy-to-use game design software program, you can learn the process of creating a video game, although you may need a formal background in programming or game design in order to navigate and effectively use these programs. While there are free game design software programs, your best bet will be to purchase one that the pros use, and one that doesn’t limit your abilities as a designer.

Top Selling Game Design Software Programs

Game Design Software ProgramsSploder is a program that is more directed towards beginners in this field. It offers a simple interface and features and this game product actually allows you to share your work with other Sploder users, which is a great feature if you are working as part of a team.

RPG Maker XP is another beginner game option that is well known in the gaming community. This program will walk you through the entire design process and also includes a help section, community forum, and an FAQ.

Multimedia Fusion 2 is designed for the individual who has some experience in this field. It features an intricate system that will detail a lot of design when it comes to actions, characters, and levels. It also allows you to easily assign functions and behaviors to your characters and comes with excellent support forums.

Construct Classic is an easy-to-use design program that features fully realized pixel shader effects, a simple to use interface and is ideal for creating game prototypes.

Flixel is designed to allow you to freely share and distribute your games, without the need of purchasing a license. It also offers one of the most supportive forums and game sharing interfaces and allows you to create countless 2D objects.

UDK is one of the top selling design programs on the market and this product has been used by the pros for several years now. It is considered as the intermediate level and features a full 3D workspace, where you can create characters and levels. Because this is used by professionals, be prepared to pay a hundred dollars in royalties for each sale.

Affordable Best Selling Game Design Programs

Blitz MaxBlitz Max is aimed at beginners who want to upgrade from 2D design to 3D design, without too much complication. This choice is perfect for this type of transition. When it comes to the quality of the graphics, don’t have high expectations, as the aesthetics are based on pretty fundamental designs.

If you are serious about game creation and design, XNA is the prime language you should pick up. This software offers a number of different titles under its very established repertoire.

Because not everyone has the ability to create game engines from scratch, Unity 3D takes a very hands-off approach to design. This one features several tutorials, which helps you to get started, making the game creation process much easier for beginners.

Tips for Those Starting out with Game Design

As you can see, there are countless types of software and programs to help you learn how to become a gaming designer, or learn more, whether you are a beginner or a professional. There are also many tips to keep in mind that can help you learn quicker and grow faster in your skills. Here are some things to apply to your work as you learn how to design.

Realize That You Can Never Learn Too Much

It is wise to be aware of the fact that you can really never learn too much when it comes to designing. You must have a strong need and desire to learn as much as you can and to learn it well.

If you are old fashioned and only want to apply the things you know and the skills you learned long ago to your designing, you will not succeed at it. You must keep up with all of the latest trends in technology and know all of the new gimmicks, consoles, and middleware arising.

Expanding your horizons is vital to your success when it comes to designing. You should try to learn as much as you can by attending conferences, reading books, talking to other designers, and expanding your network, so you have great contacts to keep in touch with the ever-changing times of technology.

Have Other Hobbies and Apply What You Learn from Them to Your Designs

A true creative designer will have countless hobbies in life, aside from gaming. This comes in handy because you can actually take experiences, situations, and lessons from those hobbies and apply them to your creativity as you design a new game. Perhaps you work on videos on the side and edit them. This could bring a cinematic feel to your games that you otherwise would not have if you did not enjoy the hobby of video editing.

Take what you experience in life and use that to build them into the games you work with. This is what will make you stand out and this is what will make your work unique.

Do Not Let Details Get to You

One tip that many pro gamers apply to their work is to not let the details get to them. As a designer, you are likely also a perfectionist. That being said, it can be far too easy to get completely caught up in the tiny details of the game. This can keep you from achieving your ultimate goal of developing a successful and fun game for others to play. It is easy to try and play with every tiny thing and detail until it is perfect, but you should be able to draw the line when it comes to this.

Of course, you should try and design the best game possible and care about the details, but just know how to acknowledge when you are taking it too far. The last thing you want is your perfectionism to hinder your abilities to design and create something great.

Ready To Design?

Now that you are aware of all of the software and programs available, and you know the basic tips to keep in mind, you are ready to design. Use your creative side and create something amazing for yourself and other gamers.