How to Get Natural Looking Breast Implants

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Many women who want larger breasts decide not to get breast implants because they don’t want everyone to know they’ve had work done or simply because they don’t like how implants can make breasts look fake and unnatural. However, there are natural looking breast implants available, that are designed to discreetly improve the size and shape of your breasts. Most women who have considered getting their breasts done don’t know that there are a number of insertion options and breast implant types that can significantly affect how implants look after surgery. The natural looking alternative will definitely keep people guessing whether or not you’ve had work done, which is a huge bonus for women who shy away from this type of procedure because they don’t like the too rounded implant results that are so popular these days.

So Natural Looking You’ll keep Him Guessing

How to Get Natural Looking Breast ImplantsIdeally, when you get breast implants, there should be no giveaway that will tip people off to the fact that you have had your breasts done. There are several factors that can affect the outcome of your surgery and how natural your breasts will look.

Women with naturally large breasts will often consider breast augmentation later in life because as women age they begin to lose breast tissue, which results in sagging breasts. If you have naturally large breasts that have begun to lose shape and sag, your physician may recommend a breast reduction, which can take place during the same time as the breast augmentation surgery. The result is large, firm breasts that will never sag. However, if you have large breasts and experience upper or lower back pain, your physician may recommend a smaller implant, but ultimately, the choice is yours.

Placement of the implants will play a major role when it comes to how natural they look after the healing process. Typically, if a woman wants their breasts to look natural, the implant will be placed underneath the breast tissue. Fake looking breast implants are pretty popular, and most women aren’t aware that some women will intentionally choose this look. To get the fake Hollywood style breast implants a surgeon will place the breast implant over the breast tissue.

Another important factor to consider before you get implants is the size. Nothing would be worse than getting your implants, going through surgery and the healing process only to discover that your breasts are too small or way too big. Not surprisingly, this is a common mistake many women make. So speak with your surgeon during your consultation and get their advice on what size would be right for your frame. This is especially important if you want your breasts to appear natural. Most women will only go up one to two cup sizes. The smaller the size of implants you choose, the easier they’ll be to conceal. If you have very small breasts, this means that you have a limited amount of breast tissue available to cover the implant. Smaller breast implants are also associated with the lower risk for complications after surgery. Complications can include severe swelling, bruising and deformity. Uneven looking areolas or changes in how the nipples are placed can occur with larger implants, especially if you have breasts that are asymmetrical. So it’s important that you decide on a moderately sized implant in order to ensure that your breasts end up looking natural and normal.

The width of the breast implants can also be critical when it comes to achieving the natural look. This doesn’t just involve choosing implants that mesh well with the width of your chest. You also need to have enough breast tissue to cover the breast implant all the way across. If you don’t have enough breast tissue then there may be a noticeable ridge along the side of the breast. Or the implant can be visible when you move certain ways.

Breast Augmentation Consultation

A consultation for breast augmentation is usually free of charge. Before you make an appointment it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to learn as much about a surgeon as possible.

During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will go over what you can expect before, during and after the procedure. They will assess your breasts and make recommendations on how you can achieve the natural look. They may also recommend a breast lift, breast reduction or areola reduction, in order to ensure that they implants look great after the healing process.

A breast lift is typically recommended to women who have breastfed or have lost a significant amount of weight. If your breasts sag it’s important that the excess skin be removed during an augmentation in order to avoid additional sagging and complications during the healing process.

Breast Augmentation surgeryIf you have small breasts your doctor may only suggest going up one or two sizes in order to keep your breasts looking natural. If you’re an A cup, it will be almost impossible to keep your breasts looking natural if you plan on moving up to a D cup or larger. Women with naturally smaller breasts do not have enough breast tissue to accommodate the natural looking breast implants insertion if the implants are a few cup sizes larger. This also increase your chances for back pain, scarring and other complications during the first few years.

Reconstructive surgery may also be necessary if your breasts are different sizes. This will require implants that are of two different sizes and a possible areola reduction or new placement. This type of reconstruction can be costly, but is necessary for ideal results.

Your doctor will also show you results of their past work, which can help you to choose a breast style and size that would best suit your build and frame. Many patients are comfortable with choosing a new breast size based on  what a physician recommends. It’s also important that you take your doctor’s recommendation into consideration in terms of what size of implant your frame can handle. Implants that are too large can cause severe back issues later down the road. Healing complications can also arise if the implants are too large for your body.

During your consultation it’s important to be upfront with your physician in regards to what you can and can’t afford. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t allow your doctor to choose procedures you simply can’t afford, especially if these extra procedures, such as a tummy tuck, don’t seem necessary to you. However, if your doctor feels that a breast lift or reduction may be necessary for better results, you may need to hold off on having your breast augmentation surgery until you can afford these additional costly procedures.

These days, many plastic surgery facilities offer payment programs or financing, which can be a great option if your resources are limited. Of course, to qualify for these financial payment arrangements you’ll need to have pretty good credit.