How to Create your own Paleo Meal Plans

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Creating paleo meal plans can be intimidating and if you don’t have much experience cooking, it can also become a little mundane. Learn how to be creative and create meals that you’ll enjoy not only for the health benefits but also because they’re packed with flavor.

Weekly Meal Prep: Caveman Style

Weekly Meal Prep for Paleo Meal PlansCooking up these kinds of meals can require a lot of cooking. All of this cooking can slow you down, but by using your leftovers for multiple meals, you can enjoy food that’s simple to make and convenient. Try incorporating a day of the week that you do most of your cooking. Use one of your days off and tackle your grocery shopping and cooking in a single day. With the right type of planning you can make your meals for Monday through Thursday. On Thursday you’ll need to make a smaller trip to the store and purchase fresh produce and veggies that will be used for your meals until your next shopping day.

You’ll need a crockpot, baking sheets and roasting pans and a blender to create your meals. You should also purchase enough containers to store three to four days’ worth of food.

You’re not going to want to follow the same plans week after week, so experiment a little, adding one new meal each week. Try different ways to prepare your veggie, since you’ll be eating a ton of them on this diet. Choose only lean protein sources and steer clear of processed lunchmeats. Try to incorporate healthy fats into each meal. Good healthy fat sources include, nuts, nut butters, avocados and coconut oil.

Enjoy bacon. Bacon goes with everything and is paleo approved. Use it as a topping, or for added flavor to your veggies.

Don’t be afraid to try new foods. The paleo diet is all about making healthier food choices for life. If you’re not a fan of fish, try cooking it in different ways and create your own sauces and marinades.

Making a crockpot chicken is one of the easiest ways to meal prep for the week. Cut up the chicken, separating it into portions for lunch and dinner. Roast some veggies, adding them to each chicken portion. You can also cook up a batch of spaghetti squash or cauliflower rice, adding them as a side dish to each meal. When you don’t have time, making simple meals is your best option. Save the complex paleo meals for your weekends.

Why Eating Paleo Snacks are Important

Paleo SnacksSnacks can be just as important as meals and they can work to provide you with much needed energy and keep you full in between meals. They can also prevent you from cheating on your diet. Two to three snacks a day is recommended. Paleo snacks can consist of a handful of nuts, a bag of fresh cut veggies dipped in almond butter, fresh fruit or hard boiled eggs.