Healthy Relaxation Activities to Combat Work-Related Stress

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Activity Guide for Every Personality Type

In a survey conducted by TrueCareers job site, seventy percent of 1,500 workers revealed that they have poor balance between their work and their personal lives. These results come to no surprise to any workers who devote all of themselves to the public, while abandoning themselves and their families. At work, employees are playing the roles of what others expect them to be, but when they are away from work, who are they really? When one stops to think about it, there are so many ways to turn one’s hectic work days into therapeutic and fun-filled days by simply discovering one’s interests and making them a priority.

After-work activities to choose from vary according to one’s personality type, interests, and mood. For instance, some people enjoy the outdoors, while others prefer the indoors; some people like to always stay busy while others may want a breather every now and then. People with various preferences may choose a number of approaches to relaxation and renewal as listed below:

Activities for people who love recreation and fitness (the kinesthetic type)

  1. Playing with children or pets outside (helps to bring out one’s “inner child”)
    2. Exercising by going to the gym, walking, cycling, playing tennis, swimming, or bowling
    3. Gardening (Planting or tending to flowers and crops)

Activities for people who love meditation or reflection

  1. Writing a poem, a short story, or a passage in one’s journal (releases one’s feelings and keeps things in perspective)
    2. Reading the Bible, an inspirational book, good novel, magazine, or newspaper
    3. Watching a home movie or going to the movies
    4. Listening to soothing music on the radio, an ipod, or MP3 player
    5. Talking to family or friends in person or on the phone

Activities for people who love creation

  1. Painting
    2. Crocheting, knitting, or sewing
    3. Assembling

Activities for people who love pampering/rewards

  1. Taking a hot bubble bath/shower or soaking one’s feet with scented soaps, oils, beads, or salts
    2. Engaging in yoga amidst scented candles
    3. Getting a massage
    4. Going shopping

It is important to be aware of the many colorful ways that individuals may take charge of their personal lives rather than living a bland, stressful lifestyle. Workers who bring their work home with them and wait for their vacation time to enjoy life are heading in the wrong direction. All work and no relaxation lead to headaches, stress, depression, hypertension, heart attacks, ulcers as well as worker “burnout. Whether workers are the energetic type, reflective type, creative type, or pampered type, they may increase their quality of life by engaging in wholesome activities to escape the stress of work and unleash their true selves.