Health Benefits of Backpacking

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Get in Shape and Clear Your Mind

Aw, the great outdoors. There is nothing better then the breaths of fresh air, and relieving your mind of all the hustle and bustle. Backpacking offers both mental and physical health to all who partake.

Backpacking really is one of the more unique ways to get and stay in shape. The average backpacker can burn about 4,000 calories a day just from walking! And besides just this great physical attribute, backpacking really is a splendid way to clear your mind of all your troubles and regroup. It really is a great stress reliever. There is nothing like closing your eyes, taking in a deep breath and just letting yourself become one with the great outdoors.

Life threatening illnesses can also be reduced justby backpacking. Strokes and risk of heart diseases can both be aided in prevention just by the simple act of backpacking. You can improve cardio vascular functions, and decrease high blood pressure too. Backpacking has also been known to relieve back pains and even control and possibly prevent diabetes. And, any weight entailed activity can actually prevent osteoporosis. You can increase the strength of your muscles, reduce body fat, and also increase your energy, and all by just taking in our beautiful environment.

There really is no stopping the rewards of backpacking. It really is a great way to lose those few extra pounds, strengthen your muscles, and aid in the increase of your stamina. All while enjoying some beautiful scenery. No need to stay indoors in a gym, although this may be more convenient for most, but you do not need to head off to the high mountains to partake. You could find some local trails, maybe even just walk through your local park. If you don’t mind being seen wearing a backpack, you could always just walk down your own street as well. Many people spend months with a backpack strapped to their own backs as they travel across Europe as well as various other places around the world. There really is no better way to get in shape and just clear your mind.

There is something about the fresh air that really does wonders for people. You will feel like a million bucks. Backpacking is also a great way to just get back in touch with yourself. Let your thoughts wander to wherever they may lead you.

Another great factor with backpacking, is that you do not have to stay at one level all the time. If you feel like you would like to raise your difficulty level, just find some steeper slopes. Even a large cluster of stairs could help with this. There really is no stopping the possibilities.

For a truly rewarding exercise experience, it really will be hard to beat backpacking. Besides the amazing physical and mental health benefits from it, there really will be no stopping your choices of levels and places to visit. So grab a backpack, a bottle of water, take a deep breath, and enjoy every minute of your step through gorgeous locals on your way to a better and healthier life.