Eat Your Way to Bone Health

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Whether you are healing a broken bone or striving to maintain bone strength. The food you eat is the main determining factor of success. Your body is made entirely of broken down food particles which are constantly regenerating. The skeletal system is entirely replaced about every three months. Bones need many building blocks on a continuing basis to rebuild strongly.

Below is a list of super foods for bone health:


Pineapple is number 1 for bones! It contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps reduce swelling and inflammation. Therefore bromalain helps joint and soft tissue related to arthritius pain as well. Bromaline strengthens bones by aiding in protein synthesis and bone formation.

Broccoli, Spinach, and other Dark Leafy Greens:

They all contain high amounts of calcium, but more importantly contain a synergistic cocktail of bone building nutrients including; magnesium, copper, potassium, zinc, vitamin K and more. All are vital co-factors working together to build strong healthy bones.

Additionally, vegetable sources have a 60 percent calcium absorption rate; milk has only a 40 percent rate. This is largely due to the synergy of nutrients.

Raw Nuts and Seeds:

Packed with all the proteins, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to grow an entire tree – nuts and seeds are nutrient dense power foods! They nourish the body and provide sustainable energy to the body.

Whole Grains:

Including; millet, barley, amaranth, oats, quinoa, and brown rice. Whole grains are another nutrient dense foods with many vitamins, minerals, and proteins your body needs. Along with soluble and insoluble fiber to help detoxify the body, this in turn strengthens immunity boosting your ability to regenerate properly.

Beans and Legumes:

All beans and legumes share the same benefits as whole grains. When beans or legumes and whole grains are combined, the meal provides all essential amino acids. Equating to perfect protein, beans and grains also help balance blood sugar and provide sustainable slow burning energy, so you will feel full longer.

Garlic and Onions:

These foods contain sulfur, which is important for healthy bones and connective tissues. Both are best eaten raw. Onions contain quercetin, a bioflavonoid that boosts immunity, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and helps the body build collagen. Raw garlic has an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial effect on the body.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

At least five servings per day, this is the most important step of all. Live food provides life-force energy to the body. Living plant foods contain many vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, enzymes and more. Many of the enzymes necessary for the digestion of food are destroyed when heated over 160 degrees. Therefore eating food raw whenever possible in addition to including fresh foods with every meal is essential for health. All fruits and vegetables are good for you, pick your favorites. The most important thing is that you eat them.

Black Pepper:

Sprinkling black pepper on your meals will aid in the absorption of nutrients. Black pepper also contains 4 anti-osteoporosis compounds as noted by James A. Duke in “The Green Pharmacy”. If it helps avert bone loss it may presumably aid in bone repair as well.

Now that you know what the best bone building foods are to eat. It will be easy to give up the anti-nutrients which leach vital minerals out of your bones.


The sweetest poison, sugar damages the body on a cellular level. When sugar enters your system it binds with tissues and forms a substance called advanced glycation end products, this damages collagen. Collagen is the main protein in connective tissues throughout your body. It helps keep skin from wrinkling and joints from becoming arthritic. Sugar also depletes several different minerals from the body.


Coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks; no matter the form all caffeine increases the excretion of calcium. When mending a broken bone or striving to maintain bone strength this is the absolute worst thing you can do to yourself nutritionally.

Soda and Carbonated Beverages:

In addition to the hazards of sugar and caffeine, most carbonated beverages contain phosphoric acid. This creates the little bubbles forming carbonation. But also negatively impacts calcium levels in the body. Making soda a triple threat!

Alcohol and Smoking:

We all know drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes is bad for us overall. It is even bad for your bones, particularly because it constricts oxygen and blood flow, which slows healing time and hinders bone regeneration.

Personal Note: I’ve recently put this bone mending diet to the test. Through following the above guidelines exclusively and eating mainly a raw diet. I Healed from a broken wrist, hand, and foot within 5 weeks. The Doctor initially anticipated an 8 week healing time due to multiple injuries. The power of a healthy diet enabled me to complete 3 weeks of physical therapy by the time I was expected to have the casts coming off.